Declutter Your Inbox to Declutter Your Brain: The 6 Best Email Organization Apps

During a workday, people reported they spent an average of about five hours and 52 minutes each day checking both personal and work email. Imagine how much time you could save if your inbox was organized and you could find things quicker?

Wondering how to keep emails organized? Get yourself on track and enhance your productivity by checking out these best email organization apps.

1. Gmail

It’s impossible to have a list of email apps and not include Gmail. This app is already preloaded on Android devices.

Gmail makes it easy to use the rest of the Google suite products including Google Doc, Google Hangout, and Google Sheets for a free cloud-based business ecosystem. 

Even if you don’t use a Gmail address regularly, the app also supports various email accounts. You can also replace the Gmail domain name with something custom. 

Gmail also organizes conversations into threads for you, so it’s easy to stay organized.

2. Boxer

Boxer is an app with contacts, email, and calendar. Its purpose is to get you to zero in your inbox. There are also to-do lists, a dashboard for important items and reminders, and also push notifications so you never forget a task or appointment. 

It supports other email providers like iCloud and Gmail.

3. Edison Mail

Edison Mail works with a variety of email providers. This app also has a smart assistant to help you streamline your workflow. You can also mute certain senders and get alerts for business-critical emails.

Edison mail can also track packages for you and help you organize your travel with notifications on gate changes, flight delays, and rental car changes.

4. Outlook

Since Microsoft acquired the mobile app Accompli, they revamped outlook to be one of the best email apps out there, especially for businesses. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

This app helps you coordinate calendars, attachments, and contacts, so they don’t get buried in your email. It’s a great program for multitasking because it connects with Microsoft’s business suite of products like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and SharePoint for law firms.

This app features a focused inbox to keep you on track by hiding unimportant messages like spam, marketing emails, and subscriptions.

5. Dispatch

You can quickly sort and organize emails by swiping and creating standardized responses. These snippets allow you to get replies out more quickly.

Dispatch can also fetch and notify you of new emails even when it is not running. You can also avoid distractions by choosing badges for emails in just some of your accounts. This allows you to have all your emails in one spot but allows you to  delete, sort, and archive emails.

6. Aqua Mail

The color-coded labels help you stay organized within one email account. It also creates folders that collapse for easier navigation. It is easy to format your text in this app. 

This app allows you to connect with your cloud storage service so you can back up your emails in the cloud easily. 

The free version is limited to just two accounts, but you can customize each of these with things like different email signatures and advance formatting. 

Check Out These Email Organization Apps

Ready to organize emails with ease? You can do so with these email organization apps. Find out which works best for you, and get some time back in your day to increase productivity. 

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