Dave Franco – Actor, Writer, and Director

Having small roles in movies and a few episodes of Scrubs, David John Franco is known for his breakthrough role in the buddy comedy film 21 Jump Street. In addition to acting, he is also a writer and a director.


During the past decade, Dave Franco has appeared in a number of films. His most prominent role was playing the role of a small time school drug dealer in 21 Jump Street. However, he has stepped away from R-rated comedies in recent years. His last film, The Rental, was a critical and commercial success.

He also voiced a character in Marvel’s Avengers Academy. His other notable roles are in the comedy-drama Not to Mention and the zombie romance Warm Bodies.

He has also made guest appearances in several other films. He has been nominated for a number of awards.

His career began when he was a teenager, and his brother James encouraged him to take a theatre class. After graduating from Palo Alto High School in 2003, he went to University of Southern California. In his second year of school, he took acting classes.


Besides acting, Dave Franco is a filmmaker as well. He directed The Rental, a horror-thriller film that features Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, and Sheila Vand he also voiced Iron Man in the Marvel Avengers Academy video game he wrote several short films as well. He is also a member of the Cycle for Survival, which raises funds for rare cancers.

His mother was a writer and publisher, while his father was a businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in Palo Alto, California. He has Portuguese ancestry. His maternal grandmother was a member of the Jewish Women National Council. he grew up in California with two older brothers he attended Stanford University.

He was an avid cat lover He is currently the proud owner of two cats.

He is close with his brother James Franco. They have teamed up again for the comedy-drama The Disaster Artist (2017). He was one of the test actors for Edward Cullen in the 2008 film “Twilight”. He and his brother have appeared in a variety of other films and TV shows, including The Little Hours, Zeroville, The Broken Tower, and Now You See Me 2.

Love of literature

Despite being a Silicon Valley mogul, James Franco is a well-rounded individual with an appreciation for art and literature. His maternal grandmother owned an art gallery in Cleveland and was a pillar of the community as a member of the National Council of Jewish Women.

James is a sucker for a good party and his love of books is evident. He has a library of more than two thousand books, including several collections of poetry. He has also taken to putting together reading groups for aspiring young writers.

While not a true literary hound, Dave has a plethora of cats, including one that sleeps in the wee hours. He also has an impressive array of knick knacks. The best thing about his eponymous is his zest for life.

Voiced characters from DC and Marvel

Throughout his career, Dave Franco has played a few well known comic book characters from both DC and Marvel. Most notably, he is well known for his voice work on The Riddler/Edward Nigma in Young Justice and Jack Wilder in Now You See Me 2.

In addition to his work as a voice actor, he also has a diverse filmography. He has been in a few short-lived TV shows, and has appeared in movies like The Little Hours, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and The Disaster Artist. He also has a production company called Genre Films.

One of the most prominent roles that will be featured in the future Marvel movies is Harry Osborn. Osborn is a character who was Peter Parker’s best friend and eventual rival. In the comics, he has taken on the mantle of Green Goblin. This is an interesting role because it requires a certain balance of charm and heart.

Mistaken for Zac Efron in a dorm room

Probably the best reason to get confused between Zac Efron and Dave Franco is that their names are the same. The two of them have worked on Neighbors.

As far as Dave Franco’s achievements, he’s an actor, a director and a cat lover. He has two cats that sleep on him every night He also just finished his first feature film called The Rental.

He hasn’t done much to distinguish himself. He’s been a bit of a Disney celebrity and a friend to Paula Abdul. He’s also made a name for himself in the High School Musical series. He even sang in the soundtrack of the movie. He’s also played a few minor roles.

He’s dated Alexandra Daddario. Her eyes are blue. She’s also an actress. She and Zac met on the set of Baywatch. They’ve had a few flings.

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