Cool Things to Draw

There are a number of cool things to draw, from flowers to cartoon animals. In this article we are going to take a look at some of these.

Anime characters

Anime characters have some cool things to draw, especially their faces. These character usually have quirky physical features, like wide geometric eyes, which provide a nice range of emotions. Fortunately, they’re not as difficult to draw as you might think. But, it takes some practice to get good at it.

To begin with, you’ll need to draw an outline of the character’s face. This is done using a basic circle. You should also sketch out the contours of the face.

You may want to add a curved line to depict the character’s emotion You can also use hatching to draw shadows.

Cartoon animals

If you’re looking for something fun to draw you might consider looking into drawing cartoon animals. This is a great way to increase your confidence, while learning some valuable art tips along the way. If you’re a beginner you might find that you can’t quite get the hang of it right away, but with some practice and a little bit of patience, you’ll be a pro in no time.

A good place to start is the horse. You might be surprised by how easy it is to create your own. The best part is you can draw it in four steps.


Drawing flowers can be a great way to brighten someone’s day. They are also fun to experiment with, and can be used for different purposes. For example, they can be included on greeting cards, or added to a gift bag.

Whether you want to draw a daffodil, a rose, or a snowdrop, there are many different ways to do it. You can start by using a black and white technique, or you can go for a more colorful approach. To begin, choose a medium to work on, such as drawing paper or colored pencils. If you prefer to use a pencil, make sure you have a good eraser.


For many people, food is a major source of enjoyment in life. In fact, drawing food can be a fun and rewarding way to improve your drawing and illustrative skills. And with hundreds of free food doodles online, there’s no excuse not to pick up a pencil or brush to bring the taste of home to your canvas.

First, it’s a good idea to start with the most popular foods in your area, then move onto the more exotic. This will allow you to develop a feel for the medium without having to rely on your memory.


If you’re looking for a cool new way to relax, you should consider Zentangles. They are a type of art that is based on simple patterns and are made with small repetitive strokes. They are a great way to get more creative, and they can also help you to concentrate and calm your mind.

Creating Zentangles is a relaxing activity that can also be used as a form of therapy. This is especially helpful for people who are stressed. It can help you to achieve a state of focus and bliss, which is why it’s known as the Zentangle Method.


Dolphins are a popular subject for artists. Whether you’re looking to draw a dolphin for your next poster or to create an animation, there are a few things you should know before getting started.

To start, you’ll need a quality pencil and paper. If you want to make it as realistic as possible, you’ll also need an eraser and some good practice.

Aside from being a fun thing to draw, a dolphin is also an interesting creature. These animals are smart, friendly, and have a great ability to communicate. They use whistles and clicks, as well as other sounds, to communicate. They have been known to live up to 50 years They are also very fast healers.


Rocks can be a fun subject to draw. It’s a good exercise to practice your drawing skills. This can be done by looking at rocks in the real world or by using photographs found on the internet. Whether you’re trying to create a rock landscape or a natural desert, it’s important to learn how to draw these types of things.

One of the best ways to draw rocks is to use light lines. This will help you create a realistic look. This will also help you shade your rock in a way that adds realistic appeal to the image.

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