Can I File a Car Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

If you have been in a car accident recently, you may want to file a claim to get maximum compensation. You will need evidence to prove your innocence and the damage caused during the accident to make claims. One of the significant proofs for a successful claim is a police report, which can be submitted by a Rutland personal injury lawyer in court. 

If you are still determining whether you can file a car insurance claim without a police report, keep reading. This article will highlight whether you can file a claim without a police report and the importance of a police report in a car accident. So, let’s dive in!

Is it Possible to File a Car Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

Yes, it is possible to file a car insurance claim without a police report. In fact, in most cases of car accidents, victims do not make a police report before claiming compensation. However, a police report is necessary proof that accelerates your personal injury claim process, but it is not necessary to have one. 

Some other evidence that can strengthen your case to get a claim are medical bills, videos and pictures of the accident scene, traffic camera footage, and witness statements. 

How Important Is a Police Report in a Car Accident?

If you have been in an accident, a police report can enhance your chances of getting a maximum claim in the least amount of time. Having a police report is strong evidence that speeds up the claiming process for your vehicle crash. 

If you have a police report, you can still go to an insurance company; however, it may take a little longer to get satisfactory. 

What are the damages I can claim after a car accident?

1. Medical Expenses: Medical expenses are the most common damage to claim after a car accident due to another party’s negligence. It includes visiting a physician, over-the-counter medicines, surgical procedures, travel expenses from or to the hospital, tests performed, hospitalization, and more.

2. Lost Wages: After an accident, you may lose wages or income, which results in financial and mental issues. In this condition, you can seek compensation for lost wages by hiring an injury attorney. You will also be granted employee benefits, including tips, additional bonuses, and insurance coverage.

3. Property Damage: During an accident, your car might get damaged. You can claim compensation for all damages to your property caused by the accident. If the accident has damaged your laptop or mobile phone, you can also claim them. 

4. Emotional Sufferings: Emotional and mental pain from a motorcycle road rash injury affects your self-esteem, confidence, and plans. Thus, compensation is offered after a motorcycle accident.

Wrapping Up!

A police report is not necessary to file a car insurance claim. It is best to hire a personal injury lawyer, as they will help you throughout the claiming process.

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