5 Clear Signs Your Bedroom Needs A Complete Makeover

Even if your bedroom is somewhere that you don’t spend a whole lot of time in, it should still be a space that you can retreat to when you want, and in which you can feel comfortable and totally be yourself. In other words, your bedroom should be your personal space, and one that reflects your personality. While this isn’t so easy to achieve when you share the space with a loved one, with the right design and attention to detail from a company like Studio 54, it’s still possible to turn the space into somewhere that you both enjoy being in. 

If your bedroom isn’t providing you with the sanctuary that you desire, and isn’t comfortable and welcoming, let alone stylish and practical, it could be time to give it a complete overhaul in the form of a makeover.

Bedrooms are spaces that are absolutely worth investing in, and here are five signs that yours need some help to convert it from a nightmare inducing dungeon into a dream-filled haven:

1. There’s inadequate lighting

Light is essential for the overall look and feel of any room, but in a bedroom in particular, too much light can prove detrimental to your ability to get a restful sleep, while not enough light means that you’re fumbling around in the semi-dark, not able to see clearly enough what you’re doing. 

If your bedroom suffers from inadequate lighting, you may need to consider whether windows or rooflights can be added for natural light, or adjustable LED lighting. If revamping your entire room, make sure lighting is at the top of your list of improvements. 

2. The room is cramped 

Unless your bedroom really is just the size of a shoe box, there are likely plenty of innovative ways to help create space and make it feel less cramped, such as swapping to space-saving furniture, or removing items for a more minimalist approach. However, to truly turn a cramped space into a more comfortable, roomy one, it often requires a complete overhaul, and many homeowners find that fitted bedrooms are the easiest and most convenient way to achieve this. 

3. You never sleep well

While there can of course be many reasons why you’re unable to get restful sleep, in many instances, it’s the surrounding environment that plays the most significant role. Colours, textures and designs can all impact our ability to sleep soundly, and if your bedroom isn’t whisking you off to the land of nod as quickly as you’d like, talk to a bedroom designer about adjustments you can make to its design, layout and look. You can also visit showrooms for inspiration, and research colours and designs for promoting sleep. 

4. Its walls are bare and uninspiring

Nobody really wants to look at blank walls in any room of the home, and while you don’t have to hang a Picasso on every wall, having a few of your favourite pictures, photographs, collages and other artwork dotted around the bedroom, will help you to identify it as your space, and somewhere that you can retreat to for inspiration or comfort, or both. 

5. You feel like a change

As with any room in the home, fashions change and what you once used to like in terms of décor and design, you may no longer enjoy looking at or living among. If you’ve outgrown your bedroom’s design, or simply fancy a change, giving your bedroom a complete makeover could be just what you need to fall in love with the space again. 

Makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune, and with some shopping around, plenty of research, and some clever design tips, you could turn your bedroom into a space fit for so much more than sleeping in!

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