Yoga And Asanas For Weight Loss

With regards to weight reduction, me and the majority of my companions have attempted and tried everything from gyming to consuming less calories. 

While a few of us think that it’s difficult to limit our eating regimen, others accept exhausting types of activities simply aren’t for them. The response to this difficulty of our laidback companions is – YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS. What’s more, truly, it works! It’s working from antiquated time. Make sure to make use of proper meditation kits like yoga pillow,mats,tapestry,cushions etc.

Since days of yore, individuals have been utilizing yoga to keep up mental as well as physical prosperity. 

Here are the absolute best yoga asanas to consume fat and shed pounds: 

#1. Surya Namaskar – A Yoga Good For Beginners To Lose Weight 

The Surya Namaskar asana or the Sun Salutation is the best full body exercise yoga posture to lose overabundant fat and shed the additional pounds regardless of whether you are an amateur and don’t think a lot about yoga. One round of Surya Namaskar comprises 12 yoga presents. 

Notwithstanding the weight reduction, following are some different geniuses of Surya Namaskar: 

– The 12 stances in Surya Namaskar are a decent blend of different warm-up and full body exercise asanas that assist you with keeping your body sound. 

– These yoga presents improve the blood flow in your body and keep you new and invigorated. 

– Surya Namaskar assists with reinforcing your heart, upgrades your resistant framework and improves your stomach related lot. 

– The yoga presents help in animating your stomach muscles, spinal nerves and improve your respiratory framework. 

You can either do entire 12 patterns of surya namaskar or can do singular ones 

#2. Pranayama: A Yoga Asana which can do ponders 

Pranayam or Prayer Pose is the underlying phase of Sun Salutation. This yoga present fills your body with new vitality and oxygen as you start your day. It is the ideal arrangement when you are doing an asana to consume fat. 

Technique of Pranayama for Weight Loss: 

– Stand erect with your hands along the edges. 

– Breathe in profoundly as you extend your chest and shoulders. 

– Ensure that your feet are kept together to keep up the equalization of your weight. 

– Now raise your arms as you breathe out and acquire them the situation of a petition present. 

#3. Hasta Uttanasana: Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation 

Hasta Uttanasana or the raised arm present, is the second posture in Sun Salutation. This yoga present is planned for loosening up the entire body to upgrade the blood course. 

Methodology of Hasta Uttanasana for Weight Loss: 

– Lift your arms up and in reverse as you take a full breath. 

– Your biceps ought to be close to your ears. 

– Try and loosen up the entire body in this posture. 

#4. Hasta Padasana: Yoga That Helps Burn Back and Shoulder Fat 

The third posture in Sun Salutation is Hasta Padasana. It is otherwise called Hands to Foot Pose. This yoga present works over extending and conditioning your back and shoulder muscles. 

Strategy of Hasta Padasana for Weight Loss: 

– From a standing position, begin bowing out the upper portion of your body towards the lower half. 

– You have to keep your spine erect while playing out this posture. 

– Try and contact the floor along the edges of your feet with your palms as you breathe out. 

– You may twist your knees a little whenever required. 

– After contacting the floor, put forth a delicate attempt to fix your knees. 

– Remain in the posture for a decent 20-30 seconds. 

#5. Ashwa Sanchalanasana: Yoga For Burning Core (stomach) Fat 

Ashwa Sanchalanasana is the fourth posture in the Sun Salutation measure. This yoga act is additionally known like the Equestrian posture and loosens up the total body muscles assisting with building a more grounded center in the body. 

Strategy of Ashwa Sanchalanasana for Weight Loss: 

– Take a full breath in and stretch your correct leg as in reverse as could be expected under the circumstances. 

– Then bring the correct knee towards the floor and raise your head up. 

– Support your body with your palms. 

– Your left foot ought to be laid only in the middle of your palms. 

#6. Dandasana: Asana To Burn Core and Leg Fat 

Dandasana the fifth posture in the Sun Salutation measure is only an augmentation of the past yoga present. This posture profoundly looks like the ordinary push up work out. 

Strategy of Dandasana to Lose Weight: 

– From the equestrian posture, you have to extend your left leg in reverse and correspond to your correct leg. 

– Your arms ought to be put opposite to the floor. 

– Keep the entire body adjusted in an orderly fashion as you put focus on your arms, shoulder and your middle in this activity. 

#7. Ashtanga Namaskar: Yoga To Tone Arm Muscles 

The 6th posture of Sun Salutation is otherwise called the Salute with Eight Parts, called Ashtanga Namaskar. This yoga present is additionally an expansion of the fifth posture of Sun Salutation. 

Technique of Ashtanga Namaskar for Weight Loss: 

– From the Dandasana pose, gradually bring your knees downwards towards the ground. 

– Now slide advances while tenderly pushing your hips in reverse and your chest towards the ground. 

– At the last phase of this stance your palms, knees, feet, and chest ought to be contacting the floor.

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