Why do customers care about perfume packaging?

Fragrance brands need to think beyond the scent of their products and give careful consideration to the perfume packaging. Increasing competition means coming up with attractive boxes and wrapping to boost perfume sales.

Having attractive and high-quality packaging has many advantages. Let’s examine them in more detail in this article and talk about why customers care.

Why do customers care about perfume packaging?

The first impression is important

Captivating packaging is key to making more sales and influencing people to purchase a certain fragrance. It should be designed in a way that is alluring and unique while delivering a luxury and premium feel.

People pay attention to the materials and quality of the perfume packaging. Buyers tend to choose the more attractive box or container of two similarly priced perfumes of the same quality. Basically, packaging determines a customer’s first impression even before they have used the product.

It is important for gifting

Perfumes are some of the most popular types of presents. People love gifting and receiving fragrances. That is also the reason, they pay special attention to the product packaging. Needless to say, when it comes to gifts potential buyers would prefer a perfume with an attractive container over one in a dull box.

They care about the brand behind the product

Another reason why people care about perfume packaging is that consumers want to support businesses that have the same visions and values. Moreover, most fragrance fans tend to stay loyal to their product choice and favorite perfume brand. 

So be careful when redesigning your packaging. Having a distinctive design allows customers to quickly recognize your brand. And while packaging changes can appeal to some customers, many may have difficulty identifying the product with a total change in the design. 

How to choose the right packaging for your brand?

A growing number of new brands are entering the market constantly, so it is no secret that the perfume industry is on the rise. Right now, you can find a wide range of products in different shapes, sizes, materials, and aromas. 

For a consumer, it is easier than ever to find almost any type of perfume, while for brands – grabbing people’s attention is more difficult than ever. The possibilities are endless if you can come up with an original and attractive packaging approach. So you need to be wise with your packaging decisions. 

Here are a few professional tips on how to choose the right perfume packaging for your fragrances:

  • Design that reinforces your brand identity and corresponds with your branding strategy in terms of logos, colors, fonts, and visual elements
  • Design that attracts and engages the consumer
  • Durable and sustainable materials to protect the perfume, lower your environmental footprint and attract eco-oriented clients
  • Reliable packaging supplier with similar values

Make sure your perfume packaging supplier can tick all boxes when it comes to logistics, quality, design, materials, printing options, as well as brand expectations, and customer demands. 

Some mistakes to avoid

Now that you know all the do’s, let’s pay attention to the don’ts. Do not overlook the quality and durability of the packaging materials. Otherwise, your products may damage easily during handling or transportation. 

Also, remember that people recognize you by certain fonts and colors. So make sure you are not steering away from your regular design decisions when it comes to perfume packaging. 

Essentially, perfume packaging is a viable way to distinguish your product from others by showcasing it uniquely. A reputable sustainable packaging company like PackLion is the best choice for this task. With a wide range of high-quality materials and printing options, they can bring your custom perfume box design to life.

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