Which company provides the best IoT development services?

IoT stands for Internet of Things and is embedded with various sensors, technologies and softwares. In layman’s terms, IoT is a network of things containing diverse softwares and technologies that can be maintained and accessed using various IoT applications. With the growing mobile technology, the demand for IoT has risen subsequently. IoT is used to optimize business processes, improve conversion rates, improve flexibility in the business mechanism, collect prime data, and minimize operational costs.

It would help if you considered the below-mentioned various factors for developing an IoT App:

  • Data Capturing
  • Data Filter
  • Action and Computation
  • Hardware
  • Data Transmit
  • BI, Analytics and Reporting

There are top-notch companies that will guide you and develop IoT applications for your business organization. You can always analyze these development companies and narrow your analysis based on your development needs and their innovation support and cost. One of the leading IoT development companies is LeewayHertz.

LeewayHertz is a full-stack IoT development company, which helps startups and enterprises develop robust IoT solutions and transform analog products into digital via IoT platforms, sensors and firmware. They are skilled in custom IoT solution development, from conceptualizing products to providing current IoT services. LeewayHertz provides the following IoT development services:

  • IoT Hardware Design
    They prototype robust IoT devices to help customers in testing solutions before actually implementing them for full-scale development. They also use boards and sensors to build a gadget prototype.
  • IoT Firmware Integration¬†
    They build and integrate firmware and embedded softwares like microcontrollers, processors, gateways and sensors into a host of M2M and IoT devices.
  • Mobile Apps for IoT Devices
    They innovate and design native mobile applications and cross-platform that regulate the on-the-go access to data secured by smart devices.
  • IoT Dashboards
    Their developers help the clients by configuring IoT devices, analyzing sensor data using BI tools, managing IoT systems onsite and remotely.
  • Edge Computing
    They implement edge computing on various IoT devices to attain lower latency rates and fast data offloading time.
  • Custom IoT Product Development
    They develop custom IoT solutions and softwares that communicate highly scalable IoT devices and ensure that the software powers the functionality of the hardware efficiently.

LeewayHertz’s developers have an in-depth knowledge of IoT platforms and protocols like Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT hub, Google Cloud, ThingWorx, Predix, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, TCP, BLE, Nest; etc. Their most popular IoT projects are HiArya and ETON. For more need specific IoT development, contact the IoT experts of LeewayHertz.

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