What You Should Do to Work Efficiently

To achieve your goals, you need to work systematically. You have to form habits and maintain them long enough to be effective. This is often repeated a thousand times because it is extremely accurate.

1. Pay attention to eating

When you eat while working / reading / watching movies at the same time, you often eat more than necessary. Not to mention, this habit makes you neither appetite nor helps you be more productive. How can you fully enjoy the taste of vegetables if you are engrossed in document processing?

Lunch or dinner only takes you more than 10-15 minutes. Are we too busy to spend 10 minutes refueling our bodies? Therefore, you should eat and drink in a concentrated manner, do not eat while using the phone.

2. Use the stopwatch for each task

Pomodoro is a method of time management to maximize focus at work. It was introduced by Francesco Cirillo – CEO of an Italian software company in 1980. The essence of this approach is to divide a large task into small tasks to do in a short amount of time, in between. those are short breaks.

Every day, we all have to move to the company and work continuously for 8 hours. This is not an easy thing to do but requires you to set up and maintain a strict and strict schedule. For example, you might work for 1 hour, then allow yourself 10 minutes to rest, and then work for another 1 hour. This approach is extremely useful when you need to handle deadlines and travel to different places each month.

3. Leave the phone on the opposite side of the room

If you leave your phone beside you while you are sleeping, you will press the “Delay the alarm” button and wake up late the next day. Waking up is not difficult, our biggest obstacle is getting up and getting out of bed every morning. Hence, this method comes in handy if you want to wake up on time.

If you put the phone on the other side of the room, you’ll have to get up and take a few steps to turn it off. At that time, you will feel thirsty according to the habit and realize you have a lot of work to do in front of you. As a result, you cannot allow yourself to go back to bed and go back to sleep.

4. Wait before spending

There are 2 rules you should apply before you buy anything. First, don’t buy things as soon as you see them unless it’s something you need and has been looking for for a long time. Usually, you should wait a few days to think if it is really necessary.

If you still fantasize about the item after about 3 days, you can buy it. If you forget the item, you save some money instead of buying the item on impulse.

The second rule applies to items on sale. Everyone loves discounted goods, but this trap causes us to buy more than we need. That’s how the brain is fooled by the marketing tactic. They feel happy buying things at a bargain price, only to realize that it is only a temporary feeling.

What should you do to avoid purchasing things that are not indispensable, let’s ask yourself 1 question: “Why should I spend money on this?”. Then if your answer is yes, reach into the pocket and take out your wallet. If the answer is no, pass the item.

5. Write down all your ideas

“I’ll remember” is the most classic lies that we often tell ourselves. In fact, you will forget more than half of your thoughts each day.

Therefore, make a habit of writing everything down on paper, even things that seem unimportant.

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