What Are The Best Corrugated Boxes as Your Product Packaging In 2020?

Corrugated boxes are commonly used for shipping. The best thing about custom corrugated boxes is they provide an ultimate strength to the product and save it from damage. The structure of the custom corrugated box is simple yet strong enough to protect products even in rough shipping exercises. Corrugated stock is counted as the best packaging material for sensitive or breakable retail products. A cigarette is a retail product that cannot be manufactured using corrugated stock. Usually, cigarette boxes are manufactured using cardboard or Kraft stock. Kraft cigarette boxes are usually suitable for 1-2 color printing. 

The usage of the custom corrugated boxes in the ecommerce/online business stores is in significant numbers. According to recent research, 95% of the online stores are utilizing these custom corrugated boxes to fulfill their packaging needs. But at the same time, there are many retailers out there who do not even know the importance and the effective benefits of having these custom corrugated boxes. So in this respect, we planned to write a detailed guide to elaborate the realities of corrugated boxes as your best packaging solution. Later in this article, you will also find various types/styles of custom corrugated boxes just to explain in what fields these boxes are more profitable and result oriented. 

Are you ready to grab the spectacular knowledge about corrugated stock? Me too. So, let’s jump into the topic.  

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Environment Friendly

Corrugated boxes are made with eco-friendly material so you do not need to worry about the environmental effects of these boxes. Due to global warming, many of the manufacturers are taking initiative to adopt environmental packaging solutions. Moreover, manufacturers also have huge pressure from people to use eco-friendly product packaging. Otherwise, they boycott products or purchase the substitute to just counter the growing global warming threat.  

Product Protection

The most important factors that encourage retailers and manufacturers to adopt custom corrugated boxes is; these boxes are perfect to secure the product from damage. Due to the thick walls that are made with the combination of layers of cardboard sheets and medium. This strong structure provides strength to the box to bear the burden/pressure. Corrugated boxes are perfect for sensitive and breakable products.

Enhances Product Presentation

You probably will see a regular cardboard stock made product box in the market. By adopting custom corrugated boxes for your product helps your product to be different or look stand out from other competitors. In short, these corrugated boxes not only provide the best protection to your product but to stand out your product as well. 

Best for Shipping Purposes

As we have mentioned above, the corrugated boxes are mainly used for shipping purposes. There are three main strengths of corrugated stock that have different purposes. 

  1. Single Wall Corrugated Stock
  2. Double Wall Corrugated Stock 
  3. Triple Wall Corrugated Stock

Cost-Effective Rigid Packaging Solution

When we talk about rigid product packaging, we probably think about the luxury rigid and foldable gift packaging boxes. But, believe me, custom corrugated boxes also provide similar strength but with far less price. To sum up, corrugated boxes are not only best for product protection but it also best to enhance your product visibility in the market as the best cost-effective product packaging solution. 

Types of the Custom Corrugated Boxes

There are many types/styles of custom corrugated boxes that are available in the market. You can attain most of the packaging styles through the corrugated stock and some of the main and frequently used corrugated boxes styles are mentioned below. So make sure you check them as well. 

Mailer corrugated Boxes

Mailer box style is the major corrugated packaging style that is adopted. Custom mailer boxes are commonly used for online stores and brands to deliver their goods safely to their clients. The unique and appealing opening style of the custom corrugated mailer boxes inspires the customer even before the product itself. Therefore a huge number of retailers always go for custom mailer corrugated boxes as their first choice for online shopping packages. 

Mailer corrugated boxes are different from conventional shipping boxes. But, still, they are in the category of custom shipping boxes

Display corrugated Boxes

Display box style is yet another most commonly adopted die-line for the custom corrugated boxes. Many of the retailers want to pack their bulk quantity products into an angle packaging to make their products less competitive. A custom corrugated display box style is a blessing for them. These display boxes have the ability to keep the products well, till the end. 

Die-cut Corrugated Boxes

Die-cut or window corrugated boxes are also pretty famous and used in a great number. Actually, die-cut boxes have holes in product packaging that provide an opportunity for the customer to touch, feel, or even smell the product without opening the packaging seal. Die-cut holes are a good add on to the custom corrugated boxes to grab the client’s attention. 

Pizza Boxes

The pizza box is one of the box styles that is always made with corrugated stock. Corrugated material has the ability to keep the product safe from moisture for a certain time period. Therefore, it keeps pizzas fresh for a certain time which is 20-30 minutes. As we have already talked about the strength of the corrugated boxes so it offers your pizza from damage too. 


We have elaborate on the importance of the custom corrugated boxes and various types of them. Hopefully, after reading this detailed article you will come to know each and everything related to the custom corrugated packaging. 

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