What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Flyers?

The digital era of marketing has made the Canada weekly flyers often overlooked, and have been branded as old marketing practices that are ineffective. However, when planned correctly, marketing your business or product using visually appealing flyers containing useful information can prove to be an effective marketing tool.

Home depot flyer has been extensively used traditionally for successful promotion and to help your business reach your target audience. 

If you think that flyers have become obsolete, read on to know its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Cost-effective

Home depot flyer is one of the best cost-effective options available for marketing your business and products. A flyer can be designed using a computer and can be produced in bulk, thus, making flyers extremely inexpensive as compared to other marketing techniques like billboards, paid digital ads, and television advertisements. They don’t even require a hefty budget to print and you can even save by using double-sided printed flyers.

  • Attention-grabbing

Flyers, being tangible and unable to compete with digital marketing tools, need to stand out. Thus, their layout can be designed visually pleasing that can easily grab the attention of potential customers. They can include eye-catching mottos along with essential details regarding your services.

You can also format them in large and small fonts to make the information more accessible. Therefore, flyers’ attention-grabbing shapes, sizes and design ensure that the customer is convinced about buying your product or services. 

  • Target particular demographics

Marketing via flyers makes it quite easier to target and reach potential customers in specific demographics. They have a huge advantage over digital marketing as flyers can target everyone locally by posting a leaflet to their house or passing them out in busy areas.

Along with being cost-effective, this is a great way to reach your target audience’s popular local areas, like schools, stores, cafes, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses all within a short span of time.


  • Often discarded once read

Flyers fail to have a long term impact on customers made by other modes of marketing. If they are of low-quality or not eye-grabbing, the leaflets are often discarded once read. Moreover, a potential consumer may buy your product, but they will not use or keep the flyers any more. Thus, the flyers cannot make customers get used to the product like a television advertisement where a product is regularly advertised. Also, many people don’t even read the information on the flyers or just scan them for a few seconds and then throw them away.

  • Distribution is labour intensive

Though easy to produce, the process of distributing flyers is quite labour intensive. Since it is a tangible mode of marketing and requires physical presence to distribute them, flyers can become expensive if your target market is large. Therefore, in such cases where you need to distribute flyers on a large scale, you may need professional flyer printing and mass mailing. This process will require you to manage time, production, cost and distribution efficiently.

  • No long term impact

Flyers have the tendency to get easily discarded by consumers who may not even read the content or may have read a few lines before throwing it away. Some people also consider leaflets as a waste of time containing advertisements of products or services that are not of interest to them. Therefore, flyers to make a solid impact in the long run.


After reading the above comparison, you can see that the pros of using flyers outweigh the cons; therefore, you should grab the opportunity and build a marketing strategy using flyers, after considering these advantages and disadvantages.

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