What are Stretching and its benefits?

Among those who exercise regularly, there are many who do not pay much attention to stretching. Is there any need for stretching at all? Yoga instructor Manisha Das says, “Of course there are Stretching helps reduce stress on your muscles. Increases flexibility. Those who practice stretching regularly have fewer injuries.

Nowadays, most of the professionals work sitting in the seat for a long time, in the sense that they do not get the opportunity to move. Stretching is ideal for them. Stretching also helps maintain muscle flexibility. You see, stretching exercises are a part of any sports star’s fitness routine. People who exercise regularly should also set aside some time for muscle stretching before and after the start of exercise, which will also help them relax. “

When you start Stretching exercises, you will realize that it increases the blood flow to your limbs, so you can complete the whole workout session better. Stretching at the end of the exercise will not consume your fatigue, it will feel neat. So those who are trying to lose weight, be careful about practicing stretching. In addition, there are some very good stretching exercises.

If you practice Surya Namaskar, great stretching is done, Manisha says, “It can also be said that it is easier for those who do regular yoga to do any stretching exercise.” Then you can clearly understand that the stretch is to be read in the month, whether it is read right there.

You don’t have to do wrong exercises day after day. More importantly, don’t start practicing advanced level stretching by watching videos or the internet from day one. Insist on gradually increasing the intensity with the advice of the trainer.

As we age, our muscle elasticity decreases, and the joints become stiffer. It affects our movement, daily activities. If you want to avoid this situation, start practicing stretching today. The more flexible you are, the more uninterrupted your daily activities will be.

At first, it may be difficult to stretch, but gradually the body will also bear the extra work. Stretching reduces muscle fatigue, increasing the supply of oxygen to each limb. As a result, your stamina starts to increase significantly. There is no way to skip stretching if you want to enjoy the full benefits of exercise!

It is said that stretching can be very effective in people with high blood glucose levels. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Physiotherapy states that if we practice at least 20 minutes of passive stretching every day, our blood glucose levels will begin to decrease. Experts have come to this conclusion only after conducting a study on some patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, the ability to maintain balance also increases.

People who suffer from spondylosis will definitely feel better if they do neck and neck stretching every day and follow the rules prescribed by the doctor. You can practice this exercise sitting or standing. First, stand or sit with your head straight. Then slowly lower the head to the chest, lower the chin as far as possible. Move the head to the right, roll, and bring it from the back to the left. Now move 7 from left to right in the same way. This one set is complete. Thus practice 10 sets of three.

There is also some very good stretching for the legs. Stretching the hamstrings can be done lying down or standing. Those who are lying down, they should practice pawanmuktasana. Lie on your back with your back straight. Bend one leg from the knee and bring it to the chest. Hold it with your hands. Then count to thirty and take it to the ground again, do it on the other foot. Those who are standing, bend their knees in the same posture and bring them up to the chest. Hold with your hands until 30, do the other leg. If you stand up, your balance will improve.

Gomukhasana 7 is ideal for stretching shoulders, back, and arms. Sit with your back straight on your yoga mat, legs spread forward. Keep the right leg straight at an angle of ninety degrees with the left leg. Fold the left leg. Move the left hand backward from the back, move the right hand back towards the shoulders, the palms of the two hands holding each other. Keep the back tight.

Thus you have to count up to 30. Then straighten your legs, lower your arms. If the previous time the right foot was on top, then sit in the same position with the left foot on top, then move the right hand backward, the left hand towards the shoulders. As before, the two leaves will hold each other. Hold for thirty seconds.

Lunges are an ideal exercise to strengthen the leg muscles. However, it is better to start with the advice of a trainer for the first time, because then your posture will be absolutely perfect. In the case of the lunge, break one leg at right angles to the knee, stretching the other leg back as much as you can.

The same can be done with side lunges, in which case the folded and stretched legs should be at right angles to each other. Initially, do 10 lanes at a time, then try to increase it to 30. The whole stretch will fall on your hamstrings.

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