Urban Sejour-your second home

Urban Sejour is a real estate agency which is privately held in Lyon since 2008. Urban Sejour is known as one of the wonderful destinations in Lyon, Rohan, and its surroundings. It provides you with a very relaxing long, short, and mid-term stay. It is known as  “ the best destination in Lyon & Rohan and its surroundings” for exploring city adventures.


Urban Sejour is a residential providing industry near Lyon and its surrounding near downtowns, transport centers, business centers, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. It includes short, mid, and long-term rentals depending on the requirements. For a minimum stay of 5 nights, it possesses quality accommodation with all the basic requirements. The basic needs like internet, washings, bedsheets, cleaning, bed and house linen are taken over in the rent bills at once and there is no need to fulfill all the bills requirements in separate ways. The main thing about the Lyon sojourn is that they provide apartments both for alone living and families. With regards to anything security of bills is also well managed and figured.


Urban Sejour includes affordable stays whether they are professional, educational, or cultural. Over more than 150 residential locations are offered by it in Lyon and its surrounding areas. Each flat is a minimum of 20sqm with one lounge, kitchen, and sleeping area. Apartments are available from one to 5 bedrooms depending upon the need. Urban sojourn while covering the short and mid stays also introduce the monthly and annual stays. It provides apartments and the customer can choose according to their interests.


Urban Sejour is a complete network of apartments that are fully spread in the whole city and its surroundings. The apartments may differ in size depending on the number of individuals who want to stay and the residential time they are willing to consume. It includes all the professional, cultural, and tour-based stays in the Lyon city at the preferred and desired locations.

Different Stays

As a professional stay, Urban Sejour provides apartments near the business centers to hold meetings and training. furnished accommodation rental near Lyon gives you comfort and mental peace. The apartments are maintained by the agency it’s self which includes the weekly and monthly cleaning and maintaining the electricity and internet bills. On having any distress agency provides the full support to the customer to solve the issue and manage the whole scenario in its perfect way.


As a cultural stay, Urban Sejour includes the hired representatives that tell you about the history and the custom of the city related to its cultural parameters. It aids your information by facilitating the ancient truth of their culture. These all accessories are done by them and there is nothing for you to worry about.


As a tourist, it includes the tour guider that directs you towards the flawless beauty and different aesthetic location of the Lyon and Rohan and its surroundings as well. Your tour stays also confirm the apartment which you are willing to deserve simply just near the location of the transport so that to ease you to go through the whole Lyon as much as you want.

Booking Criteria

Booking a self-catering accommodation in Lyon is very easy. Different accommodations provided by urban Sejour are fully furnished and well equipped as the top quality is their only concern. Many advisory things are told to you while choosing the apartment of your interest. On the booking time, it is ensured to make the customer booking form filled with no trouble and all the things leading to the stay area readily informed so that no difficulty is faced during the stay. 

Consequently, Urban Sejour includes all requirements related to tourist, cultural and business stays with all its terms and conditions.

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