Top Ways to Have Fun During a Long Indian Railways Journey

Are you traveling by Indian Railways? Have you made Indian railway ticket booking for a longer route? What do you do to keep yourself entertained? Once you have exhausted your sing-song sessions and extended hours of playing board games, what next? With an online railway ticket booking, you can move to any part of the nation in a hassle-free manner. 

There is no denying the fact that train journeys can be long and exhausting. With a longer train journey, it becomes intimidating to kill time -especially when you are struck with boredom and there is nothing you can do about it. Let us enlighten you with some innovative ideas to keep yourself engaged and entertained while traveling by Indian Railways on a longer route.

Ways to Enjoy Yourself During a Long Rail Journey 

From friendly co-passengers indulging in conversations to exchanging homemade food, sharing life stories, to visiting the lavatories, the Indian Railways has so much experience to offer in a single journey. Some more tips to have a fulfilling journey through Indian Railways are:


When you are traveling by Indian Railways on a longer route, it is a great time to make new friends and converse with interesting people to spend your time judiciously. It is a great experience to combine activities like traveling and making friends together -especially when you have ample time to talk to each other during the long journey.  

Friendships during train travels can arise out of mutual interests as well as similarities in personality. A train ride with Indian Railways helps in demonstrating the same effectively. You are visiting the same destination, you find the same level of interest and approach towards life, and you are traveling by train. Even when the passenger in your next seat is not the same age as yours, you can have a lot in common.  

You can start a healthy conversation during your train journey while ending into a long-term friendship. Eating has always served as the ideal ice-breaker when it comes to bringing people together. You can try this by sharing homemade food with your co-passengers -only if they are willing to have it!

#Play Interesting Games 

A long train trip is the perfect time to engage in interesting games with friends or other passengers. Whether you indulge in traditional games like Ludo, Rummy, or Business, or any other modern board game, it is a great opportunity to strengthen bonding while having a great time as well. 

If you are short of board games, playing cards will never go out of fashion. There are several iterations of card games that you can try out -even as a beginner. Moreover, it helps you to kill time easily. While playing interesting games on your train journey, you would not know how time passes by quickly.  

Another interesting idea to escape longer hours on a train is by reading a great book of your choice. Bring your favorite novel or journal to the long train ride. Immerse yourself into the world of fiction. Before you even know it, you will already reach your destination.

#Pop in the Headphones 

One of the best ways to have a great, rejuvenating time on your extended train journey is by listening to your favorite music. Always make it a point to bring along your headphones. It not only allows you to enjoy music to yourself, it also does not disturb your co-passengers. Listening to music while traveling on a train is great for reducing stress and immense relaxation. When you listen to music of your choice, it boosts creativity and keeps you relaxed throughout the journey. 

In addition to music, you can also listen to interesting podcasts to make time fly. You can come across podcasts of all types and genres. Simply put on your headphones and enjoy the overall ride. 

#Enjoy a Movie or Series 

One of the best ways to make time go faster is by watching a great movie or web series of your choice while traveling by train. Therefore, it is important to keep your devices prepared for the entire trip. In most extended train journeys, you can complete 1-2 movies or an entire web series easily provided you have downloaded them and have a great battery backup.


Not finding time through your busy schedule to focus on meditation or self-introspection? As you are traveling on a longer route by train, it allows you to disconnect from day-to-day life while getting some peace and spending some quality time with yourself.  

Meditation has become an increasingly popular activity that helps in reducing stress, enhancing self-awareness, and increasing focus. The best part is that you can practice meditation at any point of time and anywhere. So, why not take out some moments for yourself on a train? If this is your first time meditating on the train, here are some easy tips: 

  • Lie or sit comfortably 
  • Take some deep breaths as you close your eyes 
  • Focus your overall attention on your health and how your body is moving with each breath 
  • Notice how every part of your body moves

#Read a Magazine or Newspaper 

Before boarding your train, pick up a magazine or daily newspaper to engage in self-reading and entertainment. Perhaps, if you come across a magazine of your interest and hobby, you can get something to learn throughout your journey.  

Most train stops have dedicated shops for books, magazines, novels, and newspapers to welcome you. Before you board your train, visit a shop and get your favorite novels or books and have a great time throughout the journey.  & Read Guidelines to Prevent Any Complications During Your Train Journey.


Indian Railways can be fun to travel in. If you are in for a long train journey, engage in interesting ways to pass your time throughout the journey. Ensure that you book your train tickets in advance to have a great time.

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