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For cutting-edge online projects, Laravel is the ideal scalable PHP framework. The top CMSs on the market are covered in this article, which discusses how Laravel is used to build various CMS systems.

Concerning the most flexible PHP framework for significant projects, Laravel development has demonstrated its expertise. This framework ranks at the top of lists of the most utilized and widely used PHP frameworks and has won accolades like “best framework for personal projects” and “best framework for enterprise projects.”

Laravel is among the top PHP frameworks used by programmers to create online applications. Due to the MVC architecture it provides during development, they adore using it.

Hire Laravel developers to build dependable and creative web projects if you want to employ the CMS in your work. In the present era, several Laravel CMS options are available to facilitate quick and straightforward web creation. If you’re looking to start a new site that needs a CMS and wants the backend created in Laravel, here is the list of the popular applications available in the market.


A powerful yet simple Laravel CMS called PyroCMS is designed to help developers develop effective Laravel websites and applications more quickly. It has a robust and adaptable API that supports best practices to promote good design. When more complicated solutions are needed, it offers developers a straightforward user interface and a remarkably robust underlying API. On Github, there are 944 forks and 3.1K stars for it.


  • Seamless Integration with Laravel
  • Driver-based file management 
  • Easy and powerful page management 
  • Creating inviting posts 
  • Authorization Management

October CMS

One of the most widely used Laravel-based CMSs is this one. It’s an open-source platform, and numerous free modules and plugins can be used to increase capabilities. On Github, it has 10.8K ratings and 2.3K forks. It is a complete product with its extensive documentation, user-friendliness, plugins, and themes. This CMS may be customized and includes a good admin panel. Furthermore, it has a built-in file manager that lets you manage files and photos directly from the browser.


  • Easy to use 
  • Follows One page and one file 
  • In-built Editor
  • Using CMS page component 
  • Uses Twig
  • Built-in Asset combiner 

Asgard CMS

Web developers already favour Asgard CMS because of its many benefits. This Laravel CMS, which was published in 2015, is relatively fresh. This CMS supports multiple languages and is completely modular. It features a responsive design, according to many developers.


  • Simple To Install
  • Multilingual
  • User-Friendly
  • Uses A Modular Approach

Statamic CMS

The customers and site developers can benefit from Statamic CMS, a cutting-edge PHP content management system. Controls on the panel are responsive. Statamic doesn’t employ a database, unlike other Laravel-based CMS, which must be kept in mind. It provides quicker page loading as well as enhanced security. A welcoming community, a powerful Version Control system, and help from the platform’s developers are further advantages. The documentation is also well-written.


  • Supports Content Creation
  • Site Management Services
  • Provides A Range Of Developer Tools
  • Is Compatible With Static Site Generators
  • Scaffolding Resources are Used
  • Manipulation Of Dynamic Images


Another Laravel CMS primarily geared toward developers is Lavalite. All essential foundation packages are included, including the file manager, Themes, Users, Saas, and others.

As they are built on the most well-liked Bootstrap framework, Lavalite aids in the creation of entirely responsive websites. It’s simple to customize because of the various foreground templates included. Lavalite supports the installation of packages, which can be downloaded online.

Lavalite’s key advantages include its adaptable design, customizability, clean, user-friendly code, documentation, and free upgrades.


  • Open-source
  • Offers lifetime updates
  • Easy to customize
  • Responsive layout

E-commerce CMS

E-commerce CMS is the project you should choose if you’re searching for a straightforward, feature-rich project that you can use to construct E-commerce websites. 


  • Bootstrap
  • Miniature Controllers
  • Simple Migration, And Seed Generation Automatically
  • Service And Pattern Repository
  • Translation
  • Money Exchange
  • Routes With Good SEO
  • Search With Ajax And Non-Ajax
  • Integrated Search And Autocomplete
  • Pagination With Ajax And Non-Ajax


Among the Laravel CMS, Decoy comes next. This easy-to-use PHP content management system was developed especially for the Laravel framework. This CMS uses laravel Eloquent models to access data. 

Since Laravel 3 and 2012, Decoy has been maintained byBukwild. The goal of Decoy is to make content management more flexible while reducing the amount of development work required. Additionally, it assists in creating an admin interface that is attractive and simple to use without a manual.

The primary idea driving Decoy has been that a CMS must integrate models with your publicly accessible app; your app only communicates with data saved with Decoy using conventional Laravel models. With this strategy, you can access Laravel mutators to make your views human-readable, read controller code quickly, and exchange business logic between admin and public sites. No other querying or templating language needs to be learned. After setting up the CMS, the developer uses Laravel APIs to connect with the data.


  • Support For Every Connection Type In Laravel
  • Content Editing Forms Can Be Easily Created With Former
  • Upchuck And Flysystem Provide Remote File Storage (S3, Etc.)
  • Specific Admin Permissions
  • Bootstrap Support For Fully Customized Edit Views
  • Executing Artisan Commands Over A Web UI Using The Commands Panel
  • Even Between Servers, Content Cloning
  • Localization


A straightforward, multilingual content management system for Laravel is called Borgert. It has several modules, including Users, Blogs, Pages, Products, an Image Gallery, Users, and a Log viewer. Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and English are all supported by this CMS.


  • Supports various inbuilt-modules 
  • Cost-effective


A robust next-generation CMS, Microweber features drag-and-drop website building. The PHP Laravel Framework is its foundation. Microweber makes any website, online store, or blog possible. Without technological expertise, you may create your website using drag and drop technology.

Your ability to build your website, online store, or blog is the software’s primary goal. Your path to success begins at this point of creation. Numerous CMS modules, modifications, and features will assist you. For e-commerce lovers and bloggers, in particular, several are designed expressly.

The most crucial thing you should know is that Microweber combines cutting-edge Drag & Drop technology with a ground-breaking Real-Time Text Writing & Editing capability. This combination of features provides a better user experience, quicker and easier content administration, a pleasing visual environment, and flexibility.


  • Real-time Text Editing 
  • Powerful Admin panel 
  • E-commerce solution
  • Offers Drag & Drop feature


You can create websites for any purpose using the Laravel-based CMS called Botble. It provides a range of potent tools that can aid web designers in building any website.


  • Highly Effective Authentication System
  • CRUD and databases
  • Function-Based Management
  • Media Management
  • Managing Widgets and Themes

ConclusionThis was a list of some Laravel-based content management systems, although many other CMS available can assist developers in building trustworthy applications. Hire dedicated developers that can help you in determining which CMS is the most excellent fit for your project’s requirements might be difficult because each CMS package has benefits and drawbacks.

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