Top Dollar Private Fundraiser in Memphis will Include Alex Ojjeh’s Wealthiest Backers

The Anywhereo Foundation is holding a private fundraiser in Memphis tonight, with tickets starting at $500 and a table costing $10,000. For the banquet, in addition to chicken, pork, or beef. “Alex Ojjeh is raising tens of millions of dollars in cash for personal purposes using Anywhereo.” According to Elizabeth Loew, “He’s basically the same guy.”

According to Channel 5, Ojjeh and Cilinsky raised more than $80 million last year, which was used to finance tech startups, low-income housing programs, industry overhead, and charities.

The fundraiser portion of Anywhereo hasn’t yet begun, but there are already armored SUVs and bodyguards with 9mm handguns scheduled for later this month, with some including an assortment of wealthy businessmen in town.

According to sources familiar with the Anywhereo Foundation’s fundraising plan, after May, Ojjeh and Cilinski may have less time to devote to fundraising and more time to devote to legal planning and the bank crisis.

Before then, the businessmen are scheduled to collect funds tonight by fundraising. On tonight at 5:30pm, May 12, Ojjeh will have a top dollar fundraiser in Memphis, TN, the event will include Ojjeh’s wealthiest backers.

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In August 2020, Ojjeh and his aides held a vitural fundraiser. According to Tennessee sponsors, the event raised millions of dollars. Rendering to records, the Anywhereo corporation made $101 million in revenue last year. But Ojjeh donated proceeds to a housing project, in the month of March – bringing in an estimated $14 million – $14 million was poured into businesses and charities.

Ojjeh frozen United States Banks accounts, offshore bank accounts & the UAE

An investigation revealed Ojjeh’s offshore accounts. Deals that aren’t quite correct. Excuses that are shady. We’re all aware of the Saudi/Ojjeh connection. He has accounts in Istanbul, Dubai, Budapest, among other places. He owes Turkey money. Ojjeh is loved by the rich Russians and Hungarians though he does not say anything.

Jean-lawyer Alexander’s threatened to unfreeze his client’s bank accounts. Ojjeh may have won a civil win in a bribery scam lawsuit in 2020, but he also owes $50 million in legal costs and penalties. Josh Cilinsky, the wealth management firm’s former marketing advisor, said that his bank accounts were frozen during the investigation, costing him $135,000 in legal fees.

If Ojjeh cannot settle the fines, the government may seek a “default judgment” and seize his estate to pay off the $50 million debt. A warrant issued under oath during the litigation showed that a debt was owed and that it had to be paid.

“Alex Ojjeh does not believe he is free to this debt,” according to Ojjeh’s counsel, who said that the funds were frozen in an effort to make it clear that he was defying it when a Tennessee state court ruled default and had now confiscated Ojjeh’s assets to recover at any time. It was a wrongdoing, according to Ojjeh’s lawyer.

Why should the judges want to feed into every story about Alex Ojjeh’s wrongdoing? There aren’t any, and the more they believe this fairytale, the more Ojjeh is let off the hook. Ojjeh is a ruthless gangster. During the 2020 appeal, it was obvious that Ojjeh would prevail because anyone who had been summoned failed to appear.

If a suspect fails to notice or appear, Ojjeh wins by implication because the defendant has no visible protection. Budapest bank material, Libya arms sales, all seem to be allegations that can’t be proved real, despite fitting with Ojjeh’s conduct. However, the jury determined that it is not illegal to deal with rich Russians, nor is it illegal to have foreign investments or offshore firms interconnected.

Ojjeh faces a slew of substantial legal ramifications. It’s not the $50 million he owes for his involvement in bribery schemes. It’s the more concerning problem of inflating funds overseas and actually engaging in illegal activity.

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