Top Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Choosing a company to insure your commercial truck can be a very big decision. There are many factors to consider, including the type of vehicle you have, how often it is driven, and whether it is owned or leased. In addition, you may want to look at other companies to see if they can provide better coverage.

State Farm

Founded in 1922, State Farm is the largest provider of insurance in the United States. Its products are offered through a network of independent agents in all fifty states. Approximately 55,000 people work for the company.

The company’s mission is to help people manage their risks. Its insurance products are tailored to each individual customer’s needs. It has a high claims satisfaction rating and offers a variety of industry-specific packages. Its commercial truck insurance is comprehensive and includes liability coverage. It also provides specialized coverage for farmers, business owners, and other individuals.

The company is rated A++ (superior) on A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Rating. It has the highest score for its financial stability. It is also ranked as a top ten insurer for three of its primary product lines.

The company has earned one of the best reputations of all major commercial truck insurance providers. It has a strong customer base and low rates. Its customers have access to over 19,000 local agents across the country.

It is easy to contact an agent through the company’s website. The company also offers a user-friendly mobile app. The online tools make it easy to pay premiums, file claims, and view documents.

The company’s full coverage policy compares quotes from leading providers. It covers medical bills, personal car repair costs, and more. It also includes an umbrella policy, which provides additional liability coverage. Its business owner’s policy includes general liability and equipment breakdown coverage.

It is worth checking with an agent for rates and other information. It is possible to find cheaper rates if you have a good credit score and a history of accidents.


Founded in 1937, Progressive is one of the largest commercial truck insurance providers in the United States. They offer a wide variety of coverages for both commercial and private carriers.

Whether you are insuring a box truck or a tractor-trailer, you can count on Progressive to provide you with expert customer service. The company also provides a wide variety of discounts. In fact, the company offers a Smart Haul(r) program for drivers.

The best way to save on your commercial truck insurance is to drive safe. An accident or a violation on your driving record will greatly increase your premiums. However, if you have a clean record, you may be able to get a discount on your premium.

Another great way to reduce your insurance costs is to look into multiple insurers. Some companies will even offer multi-line discounts. A multi-line discount can mean a substantial savings. Some insurers will offer discounts for maintaining your policy for at least 12 months.

When shopping for a new commercial truck insurance policy, you should consider the financial strength of the insurer. If the company has a strong track record, you will have peace of mind. You can also check out their customer satisfaction rating.

You should also take a close look at your driving history before buying a new policy. In most cases, the company will cover you if you have a clean record.

If you are a first-time truck buyer, you may be struggling to find an affordable rate. Luckily, there are several reputable carriers to choose from. Aside from comparing the cost of each policy, you will also need to evaluate the type of coverage each company has to offer.


NITIC has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable commercial truck insurance companies in the U.S. They offer a variety of coverage options for trucks and non-trucking vehicles. They are also known for their fast claims settlement process.

NITIC offers a range of discounts on their trucking policies. They also have a large network of State Farm agents. These agents can help you get a custom price quote. The company also has a good customer satisfaction rating.

They provide coverage for long-haul, short-haul, and box trucks They also have specialized heavy truck claims services.

They also have a special discount for drivers who bundle their insurance. This can save you money if you have multiple fleets.

NITIC is an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau. They are also ranked well by TrustPilot they have a 4.7 star rating on the site.

They are not as big as some of the other insurance providers. However, they do have a wide client base. They have been in the trucking industry for over three decades and they have a strong financial position. Their claim processing is quick and their customer service is excellent.

They also have a fleetAhead program that helps their policyholders gauge their risk. The program uses devices to report real-time data on driver safety. It can also help improve the efficiency of your fleet.

The other main reason that NITIC is a good choice for a business owner is that it offers a great customer service experience. They have a very quick claims settlement process and they have received a lot of praise for their services. They are also not as expensive as other providers.

The Hartford

Having a commercial truck insurance company in your business arsenal can help you avoid the snags that come with having a vehicle on the road. The Hartford specializes in both property and casualty insurance for businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to the biggest of bigwigs. The Hartford’s website is filled with information to help customers navigate the insurance landscape. In addition to coverage for trucks, The Hartford also offers protection for your employees and cargo in transit.

The Hartford is a family run business, with a heritage that stretches back to 1810. The company’s roots lie in small and midsized businesses, with many of its offices located in quaint towns and villages throughout the United States. Its offices in San Francisco, CA, have been in operation for more than a century. In fact, its headquarters was previously known as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company.

The company is currently the fourth largest insurer in the country, with more than one million policyholders. While they are known for their property and casualty insurance, The Hartford is also the best place to turn for commercial auto insurance. They have an impressive collection of coverage options, from on-hook towing to livestock transit. The Hartford also provides the best customer service, as evidenced by their long list of satisfied clients.

The Hartford has plenty of other perks, such as a nifty website and friendly agents, but the one thing they do not have is a fleet of shiny black vehicles. This is unfortunate, as the Hartford is a big supporter of telematics and the fleet is a large part of their business model. The most important telos of fleet operations are safety, performance, and efficiency.


Whether you are a truck driver or own a fleet, commercial truck insurance is essential. It protects you and your business from high out-of-pocket costs. There are many trusted carriers that offer commercial truck insurance for all types of cargo. These companies have been in business for a long time, have a good reputation, and can provide you with the coverage you need.

One of the largest commercial truck insurance providers is Progressive. It has a strong reputation for fast claims processing and great customer service. Its A+ rating from AM Best indicates superior financial stability. It also offers a wide variety of commercial truck insurance policies for all types of vehicles. It has excellent online reviews and has a large client base.

Another commercial truck insurance company that you should look into is Sentry. It provides a personalized customer experience, offering custom commercial truck insurance packages. This provider has been in business for over a century and currently insures over 50,000 truck drivers.

Its policies are designed for the unique safety needs of trucking businesses. The company’s claims staff is knowledgeable and trained to handle trucking risks. Its safety directors have over 20 years of experience and can help you make the right decisions.

Sentry is available in all 50 states and can help you determine the type of coverage you need for your business. You can customize your commercial truck insurance package with options such as a safety director, discounts with partnering vendors, and other discounts. You can also get special pricing for owners who have operated a business for at least three years.

It is also worth mentioning that some insurers will confirm your purchase over the phone. It is also important to check customer ratings and to request quotes from multiple insurance providers.

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