Top 7 Best Free Hidden Android Spy Apps

Are you searching for free Android spy programs to catch a cheating partner or to spy on your kids? Listed below are the top 7 greatest free hidden android spy apps.

Unlike other third-party apps, android spy app can operate on the desktop of a target device. The consumer will not detect it unless your phone begins to slow down. It can then increase eyebrows; consequently, as you spy on someone’s phone activity, you want a program that operates effortlessly.

Finding this kind of app can be hard, especially because spy apps are currently flooding the spyware market over ever before. Besides that, a number of them are able to sell you out because they are detectable easily.

If you are looking for a spy app that operates flawlessly in the background, then this article highlights ten spy apps that you can use on an Android phone. Incidentally, all of them are cheap. So, now let us explore the listing of the most effective free hidden spy apps for Android.

Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android


Websites like Forbes, Lifewire, and other high authority websites recognize this award-winning spy app. The one thing which makes it the best is that you don’t have to root your own Android apparatus to operate with TheWiSpy android spy app.

Spy programs for Android Once you install it, it should not slow down the apparatus or even overheat. Generally, over two million users trust this app globally.


If you want an app that works without the user knowing, subsequently, Spyic is your app to use. Your Android cellphone functions without detection. Installing it is easy since the program is significantly less than 2MBs. It does not drain your battery, and you may be certain you will be tracking all third party programs tasks from the remote control panel which the app provides.


Exactly enjoy the TheWiSpy’s hidden spy app for android, this program is also untraceable. It functions perfectly, and the good thing about it is that it is simple to use. You do not have to be more tech-savvy. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use all its features easily.


The spy app is suitable for individuals under a budget. If you’re using this android spy app for the first time, then be assured that your first subscription will be liberated. However, you’ll have to cover the second. The app provides amazing features, such as a simple to use user-interface.

You might also track all of the call details you desire without the knowledge of the user.

Shadow SPY

If you’d like to have an undetectable app for your Android, then this is the app to use. The same as the others, it’s efficient. One feature you will love about it’s that you can work with all its attributes in stealth mode.

Free spy app for android imperceptible

Therefore, it is excellent news for anybody who wants to spy on somebody.


If you want an app that can access all of the tasks on your phone, then that is the app to use. Aside from tracking third-party apps, it can observe events around the camera, calendar, contacts, and GPS. Hence, it makes it effortless to observe your workers, your spouse, or even children.


Parents like to keep an eye on underage children. Installing this app is excellent because it includes screenshots and offers ambient recording. Such attributes aren’t available on all hidden spy apps for Android.

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