Top 5 Ways Retail Merchandising Strips Help Retail Manufacturers

Merchandising strips, also known as impulse or display strips, are a means by which retail manufacturers promote their products. Merchandising is any practice producers use to entice their customers to purchase their goods. The retail merchandising strips are either plastic or metallic strips.

As a retail manufacturer, here are some considerations when choosing the right clip strip:

Consumer’s Expectations

Your customers, especially retailers, will inform or request a certain number of products per strip configuration. In addition, it is best to have branded header merchandising strips to offer extra visibility. Even in a crowded environment, your consumers can trace your products easily.

Packaging Considerations

There are different ranges of clip strips, and it is best to get the strips that complement your merchandise. The clip strip aims to make your product as attractive as possible and lure customers.

Key factors to consider for retail clip strips to match your merchandise:

  • Overall measurements of the package. The height, thickness, and width.
  • Hang hole
  • Type of packaging
  • Type of hang hole
  • Weight of each package

Where Will it Be Displayed?

Remember where the merchandise will be displayed when selecting the right strip for you. Will the product be on a hook or the aisle? Displays on a glass door require a suction cup or a unique display strip door hanger.

5 Ways Retail Manufacturing Strips Help Retail Manufactures

Below are several ways you can maximize the use of retail manufacturing strips,

1. To Educate Your Customers

There is more to merchandising strips than hanging or displaying products for your consumers. In addition to advertising, you can use clip strips to educate clients.

For instance, if your retail product is cookie dough, you can use the clip strip on the shelf to teach your customers how to bake the best chocolate chip cookies. They can then buy the products in large numbers and give the recipe to their customers.

Another means to educate your clients would be to expound on the source of the product. For example, if you retail milk, you can give a little information about the farmers and their animals. Then, go ahead and explain the process the milk undertakes before packaging. Finally, educate the users on the importance milk consumption plays to their health.

Nowadays, customers need to know what they are consuming, and it is best if you provide them with the knowledge to make decisions. The clients will trust you more and prefer your products as you make their decision-making easier.

2. As a Mode of Advertisement

Retail manufacturers can use merchandising strips as a form of advertisement. Display the promotions and offers you are giving as it will capture your customer’s attention.

Here is how to go about the advertisement; “Halloween is upon us, and we have a sale on merchandise to make your day spooky.” Provide the list of items on sale and the period there are available for purchase. In addition to the display strips, give the clients pamphlets to take home. As clients await the deal take the products on the list off the shelves and place them right before their eyes.

Advertisement helps you make a big sale on certain products at a particular time. As a retail manufacturer, you should know the right time and how to capture your customer’s attention.

3. To Cross-Merchandise Products

Cross merchandising is whereby retailers and store owners place certain items on display under one category. The idea is to incentivize customers. Cross-merchandising aims to make customers buy several products by reminding them of a need or sparking their memory.

As a retailer, if you cater to your customer’s needs and meet their demands, your product margins will likely rise. In addition, the merchandising clips play an essential role in displaying the products you sell.

Clients don’t have time to search around for a product, especially if they only purchase one particular item from you wholesale. The clip strips help to inform them of another product they should consider for their store.

The idea of cross-merchandising is like having a supermarket with a bakery or liquor store within it. Clients will shop and afterward head to the bakery to grab some baked goodies or beers that were exempted from the shopping list.

4. To Maximize Your Retail Space

Retail clip strips help you utilize shelving spaces in your shop. A clip strip is much more adaptable because you can position it wherever in your store. In addition, since they don’t occupy any shelf space, you may more precisely allocate space to the objects that want it.

If your retail store is congested, you can use retail manufacturing strips as an additional space instead of deranging a product. For instance, if you have some cleaning sponges and kitchen towels but lack space to display the items, you can use a clip strip on the same aisle as your kitchen cleaning supplies.

5. To Encourage Impulse Buying

You can increase your sales and earnings using clip strips. Cross-merchandising is an excellent way to encourage clients to impulse buy. This is the reason why clip strips are also called impulse strips.

For example, you sell hair products on an aisle, like shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair masks, and hair food. You can add clip strips and sell hair accessories. Consumers buying the hair products will add the accessories to their cart as they are available and on display. It wasn’t a need but an impulse purchase.

Impulse purchasing isn’t a form of coercion on your clients so they may buy the products. Instead, it is a form of care and meeting clients’ needs. You are offering them a product they need, but it’s not the first thing on their minds, and they make the purchase when they have an extra coin to spare.

Bottom Line

As a retail manufacturer, utilizing clip strips will increase your profit margins. Keep in mind the type of product you want to display on the strips and get quality plastic strips from trustable companies. Displaying goods gives customers ideas of products they can add to their stores.

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