Tips to Ace Your Class 12 Biology Exam

For NEET aspirants, Biology is an important subject. At the same time, this subject is also crucial for those who want to make their career in medical science besides being a doctor. Therefore, CBSE Class 12 students must acknowledge this subject carefully. The syllabus of class 12 Biology is enormous, and it’s tough for students to complete it before time. It’s a challenging task for students to cover the entire syllabus before the exam along with extracting time for revision and practice. However, they can do this by making a correct study plan. Here are the best preparation tips that every class 12 student should follow to organize his studies effectively and to score great scores in the exam. 

Preparation Tips For Class 12 Biology Exam Paper

  • Get Familiar With The Latest Biology Exam Paper Pattern 

Firstly, it is crucial to get familiar with the Biology exam paper pattern. Every year, the CBSE releases the blueprint of the Biology exam paper to help students during their preparation. This blueprint enables candidates to prepare accordingly. Knowing the latest pattern of the question paper will also save some time during the exam. 

Here’s the latest blueprint of the Biology exam paper. 

The Class 12 Biology question paper contains four sections. They are- 

  1. Section A– This section contains 5 very short answer-type questions that carry 1 mark each. 
  2. Section B– It includes short answer-type questions. There are 7 questions of 2 marks, thus having a total of 14 marks. 
  3. Section C– This section also consists of short answer-type questions. There are 12 questions and each question carries 3 marks. 
  4. Section D– It includes 3 long answer-type questions and each question is of 5 marks. 
  • Adhere to The Syllabus And Understand The Basics

Though you’ll still be given choices in the question paper, it’s compulsory to understand the basics of all the chapters so you can tackle any question even if you get the choices from the same topic. In the examination, the questions will be asked from the syllabus. Hence, you are advised to stick to the syllabus that is based on the CBSE guidelines. To prepare well for the examination, you must refer to NCERT Biology Class 12 Solutions. These solutions explain every single concept in a detailed manner so you can capture things easily. 

  • Practise Important Terms And Diagrams

Biology is a conceptual and theoretical subject. Students should be well-versed with important terms and their definitions. Besides, they should also be aware of the significance of diagrams. Hence, they must practice diagrams and terms thoroughly. To memorize and revise significant diagrams and definitions, students can use flashcards while preparing for the examination. Also, they must practice the diagrams several times so that they can draw them in the exam within seconds with correct labelings. 

  • Solve Multiple Sample Papers

You must solve previous years’ sample papers for preparing for the Class 12 Biology exam. Solving question papers will help you to understand the pattern and type of questions. With this technique, you can face any question irrespective of its difficulty level. And you’ll be able to finish your exam on time. Practicing sample papers will let you know your weaknesses so you can work on them to improve your performance level.  

  • Do A Proper Revision 

You should spend a few days before the examination for revision. By continuous revision, you can recollect all those concepts which you have learned so far. If you revise the concepts regularly, then you’ll be able to reserve them in your memory and they’ll be fresh in your mind. So, use this time effectively and revise all chapters and diagrams thoroughly.  

  • Concentrate On Important Topics

When you are preparing for the class 12 Biology exam, you must pay attention to the important topics that hold more marks. Focusing on this point will enable you to filter crucial topics so you can prepare them first.

Here’s the topic-wise weightage of the class 12 Biology syllabus.   

  1. Genetics and Evolution- 18 marks.
  2. Reproduction- 14 marks. 
  3. Biology and Human Welfare- 14 marks.
  4. Ecology and Environment- 14 marks. 
  5. Biotechnology and its Application- 10 marks. 
  • Make Your Answer Sheet Presentable

Good and decent answer sheets fetch more marks. Here’s how you can make your answer sheet presentable. 

  1. Write answers neatly. You can write them in points wherever required. 
  2. Use a sharp pencil to draw diagrams.
  3. Highlight important phrases and terms in the answer.
  4. Use a ruler to mention the labelings of the diagram. It is advised to do labels on the right-hand side of the answer sheet. 
  5. Begin a new section on a fresh page. 
  6. Draw diagrams even the question doesn’t ask to do so. Include diagrams, especially in 3 to 5 marks questions. 
  7. Students should read the NCERT Solutions of Biology carefully. This will allow them to understand the answer writing style and stepwise allotment of the marks. 
  • Work On Time Management

After the distribution of the question paper, here’s how you should allot time to different sections. 

  1. Try to complete section A in 25 to 30 minutes as it contains very short answer-type questions. 
  2. Complete section B in 40 minutes that includes 7 short answer-type questions. 
  3. Section C should be completed within an hour. You have to complete 12 questions in this section. 
  4. One should complete section D within 45 minutes. It carries long answer questions. 
  5. Keep the last 10-15 minutes for checking and revising your answer sheet. If you have left any question unattempted, then you can use this time to answer it. 
  • Take Care Of Your Health

Many students have a tendency of missing out on meals when exams come near. Few children complain that they feel exhausted as they invest more time in studying. Due to this, their mental, social, and physical health gets affected. Hence, they should take small breaks in between their study sessions. Moreover, they shouldn’t skip meals and sleep for at least 8 hours a day to soothe their mind. 

Follow these preparation tips thoroughly to excel in your Biology exam.

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