Tips for Picking Out Your Hair Color

You’d be surprised to find that there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right hair color for your next hair appointment. There are many options on that color chart. Sometimes choosing blond balayage over a rustic red can be affected by other things. For example, your skin tone and eye color can have a huge impact on how the hair color that you choose ends up looking. If you have a hair color that you’ve been lusting for, you’re not alone.

Many people take months to finally decide on the preferred hair color. There are a lot of reasons why you’ve gone back and forth with your decision. So, if you’re struggling with sticking to a single color choice, you should consider using some tips to help you choose the right hair color. Keep reading to find out more about how easy it is to pick your next hair color change. 

Wash Your Face

Yes, you should wash your face completely to see if you can accurately identify your skin’s undertones. There’s a lot of things that you put on your face such as your makeup that can affect its undertones. These pollutants can also change your natural color. When you wash your face it helps to showcase the real you underneath all that foundation and mascara. 

Use a Well-lit Room

The fact of the matter is that different types of light outputs can make your face look different. Have you noticed how you look under your dressing room fluorescence when you compare it to your bathroom lighting? Your skin will usually change drastically depending on the type of light that it’s exposed to. So, to avoid any issues, you should ensure that you find a room that’s well-lit. Most importantly, you should ensure that this room has an additional source of light. A large window should be a great idea to get the kind of results that you wish for. 

Do a Simple Shirt Test

Did you know that one of the simplest hacks to find out what your skin undertones are is by using a shirt in your closet? Pick out your favorite blouse or t-shirt and wear it. Now, have a look in the mirror. If the color of your shirt is orange or peach, then your skin tone is likely warmer. If it’s a shade of green or purple, then you likely have a cooler skin tone. But what happens if you look amazing in both colors? Then that means that your skin tone is neutral. 

Look at Your Veins and Eyes

You’d be surprised to find that if you have greenish-colored veins then you have warm undertones. But if your veins are on the purple side, then your undertones are cooler. Another thing that you should look at is your eyes. Golden eyes indicate warmer undertones. While greener or darker eyes mean that you have cooler undertones. 

In summary, it’s important for you to know your different physical attributes and see how they can enhance the type of hair color that you choose. There are minor things that can make or break the next daring look that you’re trying to go for. You should make sure to speak to your hairstylist before you dive under that sink. Most importantly, you should have a look at that hair chart to see which color best matches your eyes and skin tone. 

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