Tips for Creating Bespoke Signs that Attract Customers

For any business to flourish, it is a must to attract, retain and upsell to its customers. One of the ways to garner consumer attention is to create bespoke signs that can leave a lasting impression on the customers from all walks of life. Such bespoke signs if appropriately established in the minds of the customer, can lead to positive word of mouth advertisement and ensure that it reaches to a broader audience organically. Here are some tips for creating impactful and creative bespoke signs by

  • The more prominent and visible the sign the more eyes it attracts 
  • It is a general rule that the bigger the sign, the more clearly is it visible and hence creates a more lasting and impactful impression.

Most of the people do not have a perfect 20/20 vision, and thus it becomes imperative to design the signs in such a way to ensure that it is decipherable by one and all. There are specific rules regarding the relationship between distance and size of the sign which should be followed to ensure maximum attention span.

  • Appealing and Straightforward Fonts

Fonts play a significant role in highlighting and outlining the message. The font shape can make the message appear more intellectual (like in newspapers) or make the word funny (like in comics) or make the message neutral and insipid. Hence to create bespoke signs, special attention should be paid to the font variety and sign. The fonts should be chosen in such a way that spirt and gravity of the sign is not lost. 

  • Use of Colloquial Language and Phrases 

One of the golden rules of creating a bespoke sign for a local audience is to use specific universal and catchphrase to ensure that it resonated with the masses. This would not only generate excellent traction but also ensure that people from different walks of life, diverse education background, etc., can connect with it. Slowly such signs become a part of the folklore and hence create a lasting impression. In essence, a higher degree usage of colloquial terms leads to greater acceptance of the sign-in local population.

  • Exhibiting Creativity through Themes

Now when it comes to creating such bespoke sign for a global audience, the golden rule is that focus should be more on the message and on the theme of the message rather than focusing on developing it for a particular geography. In such a scenario, the sign should focus more on the unique selling point (USP) of the idea rather than the audience since that can be considered attractive in one location might turn out to be offensive in another.

  • Use of Images and Logo 

Featuring a logo, trademark or an image is another strategy to create bespoke signs that attract customers. Pictures are easy to decipher and are quite catchy. Moreover, a picture stays longer in human consciousness. Hence by attaching an image or logo, bespoke signs can be created that not only attract the customers but also ensure that the sign remains in the subconscious mind for a longer duration. By using pictures, the sign can be attached a deeper meaning. Moreover, by using an image, signs can encash on the goodwill associated with the vision and hence ensure that there are positive sentiment and correlation.

  • Umbrella Creation

Logos can be another powerful tool for creating bespoke signs. Logos are a symbol of the brilliance and prowess of a company’s product and services. By using logos and symbols, the symptoms can be made more emphatic. It may develop an undercurrent and passive endorsement for the masses based on the goodwill enjoyed with the company. This concept is known as umbrella creation. In essence, piggybacking on the positive endorsement for the parent or the host, the following signs can easily penetrate in the good books of the masses. The concept of umbrella creation in creating bespoke signs helps in giving an initial head start and ensures an already prepared audience.

Business is built, driven and made fruitful by customers. Hence companies need to go all out and gran any opportunity with both hands when it comes to acquiring and attracting customers. In this regard, creating bespoke signs could a potent weapon, and hence companies should invest heavily in it.

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