Things To Consider Before Buying A Custom Tent For The Farmers’ Markets


If you are someone who takes his produce to sell in the farmers’ market, then you know how the sun can be unforgiving at times. The custom tent is exactly the accessory you need for all such situations. In fact, it is such a versatile accessory that it will serve you well in any outdoor event.

But which custom tent is best for you? We will help you decide. Here are a few things to consider before buying a custom printed pop up tent.

1. A value for money custom tent

Before you go for a pop up tent for an event, you need to be sure about the duration of the event. How long are you going to spend outdoors? Is the event a day or two long, or is it going to continue longer? We suggest that you spend on an outdoor canopy tent that can withstand the elements for a very long time. While there are extremely cheap products available in the market, the cheapest doesn’t always prove to be great value for money.

Our product researchers went ahead and tested some of the best value for money event tents available in the market and they came back impressed with the Event Pavilion Series manufactured by Extreme Canopy, Australia.

Made from 580 GSM PVC, the fabric is extremely durable and UV and water proof. A solid aluminium framework with aluminium feet and steel connectors makes this custom tent extremely stable when installed. Uninstalling and packing the tent isn’t a task! You can get it done as easily as installing it.

The frame and the plain PVC material come with a warranty of 5 years. What’s more? Extreme Canopy offers you a variety of bespoke services. You can choose your favourite colours and even have your brand logo printed on the tent canopy. Available at a very affordable price, the Event Pavilion Series of outdoor canopy tents is what our experts love to call great value for money.

2. An easy to install accessory

Installing your custom tent should never be a hassle for you. Choose a product that is easy to install and uninstall once the outdoor event is over. We don’t enjoy accessories that are difficult to manage, do we?

Modern event tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy design their tents such that they can be installed very easily in an outdoor venue. They are also lightweight. So, once the event is over, these custom tents can be packed and moved for storage or to a new venue, if required.

3. Quality is the Key

Like we said before: for an outdoor canopy tent to qualify as a value for money product, it needs to be made from durable materials. Check for the quality of the canopy. It should be able to block the UV rays and the rain with equal comfort. Check for the strength of the framework. It should be able to keep the tent in place in gusts. 

4. Easy to Carry

Your custom tent should be easy to carry. You don’t want something that is unusually heavy and difficult to transport. Keep this in mind before choosing your brand of pop up tent.

5. What’s the perfect size for you?

Before you choose your custom tent, take a good look at the space allotted to you in the outdoor event. Your tent shouldn’t be too large or too small for your pavilion. If your pavilion is large enough and if you have the budget for it, try and accommodate two tents to make things more interesting. 

6. Custom branding and colours

We can go on and on about how important it is to brand your tent. Branding your tent with your company’s logo gives you a much-needed edge over your competition. It not only makes your business look more professional, branding gives your customers the opportunity to relate to a business entity. This adds value to your business and boosts earnings.

Colours are important too. They affect our subconscious more than anything else. Choosing the right colours for your custom tent is key to designing the perfect product for you. Outdoor tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy let you customise your tent with a host of bespoke services.

7. Ventilation

This is one aspect that is extremely important to your wellbeing. You may have to spend extended hours inside your outdoor tent. Make sure that it has proper vents to circulate air. Without this amenity, your tent will cease to be a comfortable place to spend time inside.  

8. Weights and Walls

Weights are an essential accessory to your custom tent, particularly in windy areas. Some outdoor event authorities might even require you to have weights in place to keep your tent firmly installed. Walls give your outdoor tent a classy and purposeful look, and they are extremely useful as well. With this neat accessory, you can transform your tent into a home away from home. 


The custom printed pop up tent is a great accessory to have for outdoor events. Choose a product that fits your budget and serves your purpose, and make the most of outdoor events tent like the farmers’ market.

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