The Main Reasons Why Are Online PDF Editors Safe?

Are my pdf files safe with this online pdf editor? Can I trust them not to sell my user data? Do they delete my pdf files after I am done converting them? If you find yourself asking these questions, worry not, the answer is simple. Yes, you can!

Online hackers continue developing tricks to steal user data and extort people. They have infiltrated almost every industry from cosmetic applications like FaceApp to ivy league academic institutions like MIT. This has sent a wave of panic across the globe and people are now always asking themselves if everyday applications such as online PDF editors are safe.

Of course they are safe, but care still has to be taken when choosing an editor. Security is one of the important attributes you should consider when choosing a good editor in addition to other features such as their ability to convert PDF to editable word, create fillable pdf and even add text to pdf with ease. 

With safe tools like the famous Lumin pdf, you cannot worry about the potential loss of your sensitive information to hackers. In this post, we will teach you the ways you can use to check if your online editor is safe.

With confidential docs, professionals prefer to play it safe

Most institutions deal with sensitive data and they cannot risk losing it to unauthorised personnel. And most of these organizations prefer to use PDFs as the most secure format for their documents. For example, medical records are stored in this text format and encrypted so that the intended recipient can view, edit or update and store them. Even government agencies can easily redact sensitive information using online PDF editing tools. All this is because online PDF tools can be trusted to maintain the integrity of confidential files. 

However, the potential cybersecurity risk associated with online tools cannot be ignored. In 2020 hackers sold over 500,000 Zoom passwords on the dark web. Since then others have fallen victim to the same heinous crime. So, it is justifiable for users to seek online platforms with better security measures.

In the wake of this conundrum, Lumin online PDF editor, among others, adopted a couple of sophisticated security protocols to ensure the protection of user documents. They changed security policies in a bid to increase customer confidence in the organization.

Such measures include:

  1. Double firewall protection across all servers.
  2. Intense authentication requirements and narrow access control limit the risk of an internal breach. 
  3. Implemented Transport Layer Security.
  4. Multilayer encryption.
  5. Continuous System Auditing.
  6. Tightened link-sharing policies. 

What’s more?

Inasmuch as clients need protection from cyber criminals, they also want their confidential documents safe from the next person. They want to protect their intellectual property so that no one opens their files and copies their unique creations. You want the satisfaction of knowing that no one will just stumble upon sensitive documents and open them. 

Safe pdf editors such as Adobe and Lumin pdf have cutting-edge technology that protects the document so that only authorized personnel with a key can edit pdf file online. It only allows users with an encryption key to update fillable PDF files. It also comes with a view-only option that denies editing privileges in some instances. 

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The security tools that users can apply to  make a google pdf editor safe include:

  1. File secure. This feature protects your document by restricting viewers from copying and editing your pdf specifically in Microsoft Applications. The pdf will be in view-only mode. 
  2. Password protection. This feature prevents unauthorized access to your pdf. It requires an encryption key or password for a user to open and view the pdf.
  3. Protection Customisation. You can apply numerous features to protect your pdf such as password protection, redact, and view-only restrictions.
  4. Document security protocols. This is the creation of security policies that can help people easily learn and apply security protocols.

How to check if an online PDF editor is safe

Let’s be honest with each other. Nobody likes reading those boring terms and conditions. After all, why bother? Because that personal data policy information will let you know how your data is being handled.

For individuals and organizations to have peace of mind when it comes to PDF editing tools, they need to thoroughly review the privacy and compliance policies of the editors.

Third-party access. A safe PDF editor, for example, Lumin Pdf, should not sell user data or allow access to user files from any third parties. 

Data retention. A safe PDF editor should not retain user data except the least amount necessary required for a better user experience.

File copies. Once you upload your file to the server, the online editor keeps a copy for itself. These files are stored and transferred into and out of the servers. Transfers should be SSL encrypted so that they are safe.

Protection from the company. A safe pdf file editor does not read through your file. It should have no interaction with your document except only to display it on the interface. 

Delete policy. Reading the company’s delete policy helps users understand how their data will be handled once they do not require it to be on the server. Take note of the amount of time taken by the service provider to permanently delete your user data, documents, and payment details. This is because your information might have been removed from the site but it might remain stored on the server.

So what can l do to ensure that my user data is safe? Used Cloud-Based Storage Providers. We recommend storing your files in cloud Based storage like Google Drive. This is because files opened from the cloud are not copied to PDF editor servers. Also, cloud storage providers offer encrypted services.
From the information given, Lumin pdf edit online free software is definitely the best pdf editor on the market. It provides a great user experience, whilst promising a safe and reliable relationship.

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