The Effect Of New Technologies On The Spelling Ability Of Students

Language is the systematic code of conveying the message that comprises of words. It is the simplest way of communication among other ways i.e. gestures, signs, or marks. Information sharing through language is effective enough to make others understand your point of view either it is verbal or not. In today’s world of globalization, English is an international language that is used to communicate with each other. Now, English is also termed as “global business language”.

Therefore, learning English is a part of life. Wherever someone travels in the universe, when two people from different countries meet, they communicate with each other in English to create mutual understanding. There’s a competitive pressure of other languages also because there’s a part of the world that is unfamiliar with the English Language. For that reason, not only English but also other languages must be supported by any company’s online store or website. Some so many people even don’t know the ABC of English. For them, other languages must be added to the settings. If any business just relies on the English-Only website, then they are limiting their growth opportunities in the world of business and also not making targeted customers that are not familiar with the English Language.

Is the new technology world affecting the spelling and writing skills of students?

Yes, it is affecting the learning ability of students in terms of writing. There are several digital tools like spell checkers, grammar checkers, and editors, etc. are making the world move in the new creative direction but it is impacting the students academically. The most common of it is spelling words rules of which students are unaware. Well, one thing has two sides. Similarly, there are positive as well as negative impacts of these digital tools on the learning capability.


  • Improved students written communication skills: Through technology, students have improved their written communication skills immensely. Internet platforms like Skype, Instagram, and Facebook, students communicate with each other by typing that has increased their communication skills and made them aware of what is happening around the world.
  • Technology has saved time: Technology has saved students a lot of time in completing their assignments. They don’t have to think a lot but the globally settled Google makes them reach wherever they want just in one click. The writing process has become faster in typing assignments that are supported by MS word with a lot of creativity. In addition to this, Grammarly also has increased the proficiency and effectiveness in the documents by pointing out the mistakes with the complete explanation.
  • Digital tools increased creativity: As we enter in the Google, we get new and amazing ideas that we can compile and make one idea for us. This can be more useful in amazingly presenting our creative ideas. This creates self-expression in our work that is made by creating creative papers, assignments, and work. Accurate and appropriate interaction is part of the technology world that is followed by content creation.
  • Collaboration: We can post our work online like research papers and many other writing pieces i.e. articles, blogs, and reviews that can lead us to the collaboration with well-known companies. This enhances teamwork opportunities by showcasing our work.


  • Plagiarism: The first con covered by the negative impacts of technology on students is plagiarism. The Internet allows access to the great information that leads to the copy paste work. It makes students fail in creating their original writing pieces.
  • Helplessness in its absence: As we’ve seen that there are so many advantages but these advantages make students completely rely on the tools and students feel helpless in its absence. They don’t trust themselves but in the digital world, they do more than themselves. It weakens the mental capability of students that make them away from thinking abilities. In the education sector, it is growing like a fire in the forest. Consequently, they become unaware of the spelling city i.e. the world of words.
  • Automation weakens creative capabilities: Students completely rely on digital tools due to their fast working and time-saving functionality but by side, it weakens the student’s capabilities to be creative.  From this, they can’t even create their ideas and imply them because they become relied on searching, compiling, and then thinking of something creative.

Why learning spellings is important?

It is important because either it is writing or reading, one can only excel when he/she is familiar with the spells. When they know the connection between the letters that makes up one word, then it becomes easier to spell the words and read the text or document. Automatically, a person learns to write and speak when they can spell, write, and read.

Which tool is best for this purpose?

According to my point of view, SpellQuiz is the best tool for learning new words. This tool is widely used all over the world due to its word grouping that is followed by the grading system i.e. from 1 to 12.

It is highly recommended for learning purpose.

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