The creature never coming to What We Do in the Shadows


Clement has been anti-leprechaun since at least 2019. “Our characters will come into contact, I think with other kinds of vampires, but also other kinds of supernatural entities,” Simms told Entertainment Weekly in an interview at the time. “A lot of it is figuring out which kinds of creatures exist in this universe, which Jemaine is the ultimate arbiter of. Leprechauns do not exist in this universe. Witches do.”

But what about aliens? When the subject of extraterrestrials came up during the 2020 panel, courtesy of Berry, Simms and Robinson seemed divided over whether or not aliens might one day appear on the show. For Simms, aliens were a maybe, but Robinson wasn’t convinced. “I don’t know … that’s another one where I’m like that feels wrong. That feels too crazy to me,” she said.


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