The Best Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Solutions

Every business infrastructure needs to have an excellent communication system. With this, employees will find it easier to collaborate, share data, and be in touch with one another.

While there are many solutions available in the market, Microsoft Teams proves to be a good investment if your company already has Office 365. This program is perfect for all users, especially for customers deploying teams calling capabilities.

What is a Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams?

The Microsoft Teams Contract Centre integration is a program acting as the hub for internal and external customer connections worldwide. It supports different modes of communicating, including phone, email, text, and social media, to name a few.

Why You Need Call Centre Solutions for Your Business

The contact centre needs more than just support as they are the first vendor of contact. An agent is the first to interact with the customer directly, and therefore, needs to work with various customer interaction work streams.

Because of the expanded scope of customer relations, call centre services can help the employees act as one. After all, they provide tools for contact centre agents and other members in charge of engaging a customer directly.

What are the Best Solutions Available for Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams?

There are three modes of communication available for every business call centre. They include:


This links CCaaS partners with every Microsoft Teams Direct Routing infrastructure member, leading to better routing, configuration, and insight.

With this, contact centres for Microsoft Teams can provide telephony solutions for specific users.

Through the Connect model, teams involved in engaging with customers can quickly forward calls to a group devoted to such a service. This can be done through Microsoft Teams direct routing queues or virtual assistants.

In essence, Connect call centres can lay claim on the following services:

  • Indicate presence of the Teams environment users
  • Directly route call flows
  • Transfer calls or start group calls with users
  • Graph APIs that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Support multi-tenant SIP trunking to engage with multiple customers
  • Implement the Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller
  • Connect Microsoft tenants from the CCaas clients

Connect and Extend

Native and hybrid contact centre solutions with the Connect and Extend feature can integrate with Teams via the client platform, graph APIs, and cloud-based communication APIs.

The Phone System is also one of the tools this expanded scope covers, making it an excellent option for any business.

One of the main benefits of this connection is the presence of dynamic notes with correlating data. Because agents can communicate natively within the system, the potential to be involved in costly context switching is significantly reduced.

The features of this Teams Contact Centre capability include:

  • Teams as the primary endpoint for business agents
  • Agent experience app that allows agents to work from anywhere, either on the web or the mobile client platform
  • Client calling controls
  • Teams-based apps
  • APIs for integration with Teams
  • A broad scope of customer interactions and communication, including chat video meetings
  • Analytics and workflow management

Extend and Power

This facilitates work streams by acting on Azure-based apps. As such, it can deliver modern semi-native and hybrid solutions in our first agent-customer collaboration for the ultimate creativity and productivity.

The extend and power option covers various modes of communication, including video meetings and calling. It also comes with other features, such as:

  • Business conversation control and user interaction
  • Rapid deployment of a cloud-based solution
  • Enabled experiences through the Teams SDK

How to Choose from a Pool of Teams Contact Centre Providers

As mentioned, this contact centre solution supports customer interaction and workflows, among many other things. Because of these benefits, it pays to go with Commschoice – Australia’s most experienced contact centre for Microsoft Teams.

They can help you set up a native contact centre fully embedded in the Teams environment. By doing so, you can avoid audio stream disruption, preserving call quality.

Commschoice can also help its customers achieve a fast ROI, many thanks to its low subscription costs. With this solution, you get a lot of services, including switchboard attendants, work flexibility, and advanced calendar monitoring.

These are the other services you can expect from Commschoice, Australia’s first vendor of contact centre solutions:

  • Productivity-enhancing wallboards and statistics
  • Professional keyboard control
  • Functionality and ergonomics benchmarks

As for a non-contact team, you can get Outlook and Teams apps that can handle spoken referrals. It also comes with innovative administrative and support features that make customer engagement easier.

These contact centre options benefit not only agents but your IT centre as well. Your employees can enjoy easy maintenance and a quick, 10-minute onboarding process that can be delivered to over 20 teams. Contact centres integrated with Commschoice are sure to enjoy excellent service.

Although the company’s primary focus is call center integration, it also offers other services for your entire business. Be it a semi-native or hybrid contact center, you can count on excellent service for years to come.

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