The Benefits And Fruitfulness Of Telesales Towards Generating Sales Even During The Pandemic Times

Digital marketing has been a significant contributor for generating sales and revenues for all businesses, including the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) companies. These technologies have been able to generate the results even in the current crisis times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The choice of appropriate and accurate marketing strategy, methods, and tools can be essential for the success of a business, especially a B2B business. 

A carefully calculated approach is even more critical when the customer-reach channels have been constricted/restricted/reduced due to the circumstances. Telesales companies with their efficient leverage of sales technologies & digital tactics, have proved to be a cost-effective measure for businesses to retain their clients and gain new ones. Also, the technology usage and redefined sales approach rank among the top-most measures that all businesses need to deploy in the current times in order to survive & thrive. 

Why Telesales

Partnering with leading and reputed telesales companies with cloud-based databases, technologies, and computing capabilities help a business penetrate the small-and-medium business (SMB) segment and market better. The benefits of this technology are not restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing, and provide for improved sales funnels by amplifying the outreach and generating demand. The SMB market can be characterized by companies having staff less than 1000 employees. The three segments within the market, including the micro (1 to 9 employees), small (10 to 99 employees), and medium (100 to 999 employees) segments are all approachable through the telesales methodologies. Access to even larger businesses is not restricted even in the present pandemic situation.

Many companies are still pursuing traditional methodologies for marketing and selling to client businesses. Some of these methods, including the approaches made by the sales personnel, are heavily restricted and may not be even possible in current times. Others continue with their multi-channel and multi-tier approach where the budgets are not spent in the right and focussed areas that can generate revenue. 

Benefits of Telesales Marketing

Modelling of the marketing strategies following the situation and circumstances is quite essential. Telesales marketing campaigns include a series of communication (through channels frequented by customers) that are quite specific and accurate in their targeting. The strategies often engage the consumers and businesses in a mood and state the requirement to make a purchase. The leading telesales marketing companies in India deploy the precise modes of digital communications, as well as proven traditional marketing methods for generating and converting the sales-ready leads. Other benefits of telesales marketing and partnering with a leading telesales marketing service provider, for the B2B businesses and other companies may include:

• Building up a robust and lasting sales pipeline.

• A much stronger sales funnel with greater conversion rates.

• A support for the inside sales functions through deploying the geo-specific team with the competencies in the native language, cloud sales, and competencies towards penetrating the SMB market.

• A well-modulated and controlled sales process that is more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

• Use and deployment of intelligent databases for quicker sales leads and lead generation through multiple channels.

• Use strategies that focus on making “executive” sales, and personalized messaging for generating and converting the right audience.

• Better utilization of monies and resources, leading to reduced revenue leakage.

• Management of the partners (including channel partners) through programs, streamlining of sales channels, management of stakeholders, alignment of reporting functions, compliance, and adherence.

The proven benefits of telesales and telemarketing are providing better revenues and sales and generating demand in the current Covid-19 crisis times. Partnering with a leading digital and telesales marketing firm will ensure that a company remains profitable and can deploy the latest marketing technologies in the future.

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