Tattoo Pain Chart – What Areas of Your Body Are the Most Painful to Have a Tattoo?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and want to know what areas of your body are the most painful to have a tattoo in, then you have come to the right place. We have created a chart which lists all of the most painful places to have a tattoo in. The chart is based on the pain level that the top 10 percent of people report to have in that area. It’s important to be aware of this so that you can get a tattoo in the least painful possible location.

Knee ditch/knee area earns the top spot on the tattoo pain chart

Many people report the knee ditch/knee area as one of the most painful tattoo spots. This is because of the sensitivity of the area. It has a thin skin, little muscular padding and very little protection for the joint bones. There are also nerve endings on this part of the body. These may make the pain even worse.

While the chart guides illustrate a range of estimated levels of pain, it is important to realize that each individual’s experience with the pain is going to be different. It depends on the design and the person’s physiology.

It is also important to understand that some people’s experience with pain is influenced by their gender. Studies have shown that women tend to suffer more intense pain than men. This could be attributed to biological differences, although the cause of the differences has yet to be determined. It is also possible that the endorphins produced during the process of getting inked are contributing to the higher intensity of pain.

Inner bicep

If you are thinking of getting an inner bicep tattoo, you may want to consider how painful it will be before you actually get it. This area of your body has a lot of nerve endings, and that can make it very sensitive. That is why you will likely experience pain. If you are having trouble determining how much it will hurt, check out this chart for an idea of what to expect.

The pain in this area of your body can range from mild to high. It can be especially painful in the area where your arm meets your thigh. This is because the skin is thin, and the needles will bounce and rub against it. If you are suffering from this type of pain, take some ibuprofen. If this doesn’t help, try a muscle massage. This will reduce the amount of pain you are feeling.


A buttocks tattoo is an oxymoron and a lot of people don’t realize it. The most important part of the experience is the adulation you’ll get from your significant other. This can be a bit of a challenge when your partner isn’t as smitten as you are. This is especially true in the early days of marriage when you’re still on the dating trail. However, if the ol’ hunk isn’t too hot, your best bet is to find a suitable companion. It might take a little digging but you’ll be rewarded with the good life.

For the butt shopper, you’ll need to be prepared to shell out a few dollars for a nice quality tattoo, but for the most part, it’s a win-win. It’s not unheard of for a bachelor to spend all of his paycheck on one big tattoo, but when it comes to the girl, a smaller tattoo is just as if not more desirable.


Getting a tattoo in the neck is one of the most painful areas. Not only is the neck a sensitive part of the body, it also has many nerves running through it. These nerves are surrounded by thin, tough skin. When a tattoo needle penetrates the skin, it bounces through the thin skin and causes stinging pain. This pain can be more intense if you have thin skin or if the needle goes deeper than it should.

The front of the neck is more susceptible to pain than the back. The skin in this area is thinner, and has less muscle mass. The skull is also a highly sensitive spot. Its skin is wafer thin and there are numerous nerve endings in this area.

The clavicle is another painful area. While this may not be a common place for tattoos, it is one that can be painful to get.

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