Stop Streaming Shows You Don’t Want to Watch and Do This Instead

If you like to spend most of your downtime inside or you’re trying to stay in to avoid lousy weather, you probably know it’s surprisingly easy to spend a huge chunk of your free hours streaming TV shows. When constant streaming becomes a habit, you’ll put on just about anything even when you’re finding a dearth of interesting content. To break out of a streaming rut, consider a few other fun low key but slightly more engaging activities. Here are some ideas about shutting off your favorite streaming service this weekend.

Reclaim Your Ambience

Some people like to have something on even if they’re not really watching it. A familiar favorite or a slow-paced documentary creates some background ambience while you try to be productive. However, don’t fool yourself that filling your home environment with the sights and sounds of any show isn’t going to dominate your attention. If you like something in the background but don’t like distractions, try a YouTube channel that features footage of a fixed scenic location, crashing ocean waves, or a cozy fireplace.

Nap When You Need To

Watching stuff that you aren’t really into can feel like a good way to zonk out, but it may actually be keeping you from better relaxation opportunities. If you’re really tired, a nap to recharge could be a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than becoming immersed in a show that is just so-so

Play OK Bingo

If you want to play a game but you’re not a traditional gamer, you could probably get into the swing of OK Bingo. When you’re playing and eagerly awaiting the next number called, it’s a captivating experience. It doesn’t require all of your concentration, but you’ll find that you’re totally hooked on the satisfaction of filling your card. It’s a fantastic way to get engrossed in something, let go of worries, and do something fun.

Place Your Bets on Nordic Bet

Sports betting online isn’t available in every region. Unlike other countries where publicly held companies and casinos run sports books, the government controls Norway’s book. If you’re geographically lucky enough to be able to bet on big events like Olympic events or international soccer matches, getting tips from a sports betting app could be your key to racking up wins. Nordic Bet offers helpful analysis as well as user comments. Even if you’re not a hardcore sports fan, the excitement of making bets on DraftKings is sure to make you get a little more interested in the outcome of your home team’s next big matchup.

Paper Trade on Olymp Trade

The volatility of the stock market is creating a lot of wonderful opportunities for new investors to generate big returns. Of course, venturing into a market that is experiencing dramatic ups and lows in addition to a sudden surge of algorithmic activity can feel somewhat daunting to people who haven’t put a lot of work into investing before. Paper trading on an app like Olymp Trade gives you the chance to simulate real trades without risking real losses.

Feel Comfortable in Your Space With Headspace

You might be able to enhance your experiences of spending time by yourself if you put mental self-care at the top of your to-do list. Use an app like Headspace to work on cultivating mindfulness habits. When you’re able to think more mindfully and appreciate each moment with a greater sense of presence, everything that you do will be inherently more enjoyable.

Breaking out of a routine promotes cognitive flexibility. When you find new fun stuff to do in your downtime, you won’t feel like that time disappears in a flash. The hours that you spend relaxing can feel more enriching and memorable.

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