Soap Boxes Shapes to Attract New Customers

Soap industry is one of the biggest industries in the world as well as in the USA. There are many entrepreneursthat are manufacturingcosmetic products in the USA. Pretty huge number of entrepreneurs of soap manufacturers are covering most of the local market. These small soap manufacturers required a cost-effective solution for custom soap boxes. In which they can wrap/pack their soap to sell in the market. 

In such a huge market and with a vast number of competitors, your custom soap packaging should have some unique selling points that should attract clients towards your soap compared to the other. There are various things that can help you to achieve this goal, but the most common and most adorable factor is the custom soap box shape or style. Always, try to find a company that is willing to provide custom printed boxes no minimum when you are looking for a packaging company. So, you can order some samples for you too!

In the retails market your soap has to struggle to attain users’ attention while sitting on the shelf with other competitors. Most of the companies neglect the importance of the distinctive custom boxed style. Which has a main role in grabbing the user’s attention by differentiating its presence from its other counterparts on the same store’s shelf. 

So to give your attention on this very key topic we have tried our best to present the most result oriented and proven methods to create innovative custom soap boxes to attract more customers to your product. So, stay tuned. 

Packaging Material

The selection of the packaging material should be very precise, because it can turn around the game into your side. To understand the importance of the material you should be familiar with these three basic and most common used materials for custom packaging. 

  1. Kraft Stock: Stock to attain the eco-friendly or Kraft look. The printing quality on this stock is not as good as on the other types of stock because Kraft has no coated side to support the painting. You cannot print any complex artwork on the Kraft stock. But, other artworks can be printed on them too.
  • Bleach Card Stock: This stock is the most frequently used to make custom soap boxes in the USA. The importance of this stock is that one side of the card is coated so you can print any artwork on this card with 100% satisfaction result. 
  • Art card Stock: This stock type is similar to bleach but with both sides of the coating. Actually the usage of the art card happens to occur when the client wants exact match printing on the box’s both sides (Inner and outer). 

All of these materials are ecofriendly, biodegradable and you can obtain any attractive box style by utilizing all these stocks. 

Custom Soap Boxes Styles

Boxes With window

The most commonly adaptable box style is soap boxes with windows (Reverse Tuck End). This packaging style provides a unique facility to the customer to make a physical interaction with the product without opening the packaging or packaging seal. Customers can touch and smell the soap, so it provides a next level of satisfaction to the user to judge the product without opening it. 

Triangle, Oval, Square, Leaf Shape Boxes Style

All of the above-mentioned packaging stocks are 100% biodegradable and can attain any of the shapes easily. Creativity is the one thing that attracts the user to a specific product. Better creativity can bring better client attention. There are some other commonly used shapes such as triangle, leaf shape, square oval, etc. 

All of these shapes can be merged into the best color combination and various finishing options to create unique and eye-catching custom soap boxes that can grab the most customer’s attention. For sure.

Final Conclusion

We have tried our best to address the innovative custom soap boxes shapes that can attract more customers. Always remember that the printing on the boxes is an important part that plays an important role in conversion. For printing, you can choose from offset, digital or screen printing. I will recommend you to read a comparison between offset vs digital printing to finalize an option for you. We hope after reading this complete blog post you will get some knowledge. 

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