So, How Many Toyota 4runner Offroad Accessories Are There?

4Runner owners are lucky people, as it’s an automobile that anyone would want to have in their driveway. An associated benefit that comes with owning one is exploring the world of possibility that exists when talking about Toyota 4Runner offroad accessories. From skid plates to shift knobs, there are many products that exist that let you enjoy the experience behind the wheel you want.

In this blog we take a look at just some of the ways you can enhance your 4Runner. Rather than waffle on about what’s to come – let’s just dive in and get started!

An ARB Inflator

The first of the Toyota 4Runner offroad accessories we look at is the ARB inflator, which is a fantastic addition for any off-roader out on the trail. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced off-roader, these nifty bits of kit allow you get better grip by altering the inflation without having to leave the driver’s seat.

A Blackout Emblem Kit

The next one we look at is perhaps the simplest, yet coolest enhancements you can make to your 4Runner. This blackout kit will immediately separate your vehicle out from the crowd and make your ride look sub-zero and groovy! It’s a minor enhancement that really packs a punch! It’s subtle, but very noticeable.

Weather & Cargo Mats

If you want to add an extra layer of protection for your 4Runner’s trunk, then you could choose to invest in some cargo or weather mats, which come in a comprehensive range of styles. The choices for this kind of product are pretty much endless, but as long as you go for a quality brand, you won’t go far wrong.

Molle Panels

One of the most useful aftermarket Toyota 4Runner offroad accessories come in the form of molle panels, which add an extra dimension to your storage capacity. Easily installed and highly durable, these handy additions let you attach all kinds of pouches and grip handles allowing you neatly store away all those smaller items in your 4Runner in a way that keeps them easily accessible.

Differential Breather Kits

If you suspect that the trail you’re following is likely to include rivers and creeks, then adding a differential breather kit is a great idea. Without one, you’ll be submerging your differentials (which can cause serious damage) in deep water, but a breather kit stops it. A small investment in one of these babies and you can save yourself a huge bill further down the line.

A 4Runner Roof Rack

Another extremely useful aftermarket mod is the roof rack, which can add a serious amount of storage capacity to your 4Runner – especially when talking about larger items like tents. There’s only so much room inside your 4Runner and when the family is coming along for the ride, every square inch counts.

Low & High Beam Fog Lights

The last of the Toyota 4Runner offroad accessories we look at are fog lights, which can come in really handy when away from the main roads with no ambient light around. Companies like Baja Designs and Rigid Industries create products like this that are perfect for off-roading at any time of the day.

You Gotta Need? There’s an Accessory for It!

Believe it or not, this is just a tiny fraction of the accessories that exist to make your 4Runner easier to drive, safer to drive and ultimately more convenient to drive.

If you’ve got an issue or a limitation with your Tacoma, you can bet your bottom dollar that some clever designer out there has created an accessory to solve it.

Just remember that whilst some aftermarket accessories might cost a packet, there are many low-cost ways in which you can add style and function to your ride. And remember to buy quality, as with this kind of thing, quality really does count.

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