Skip Bayless: Who Is He and Why Does He Matter?

Skip Bayless, ESPN’s most controversial sports personality. Has been stirring up his viewers with his arguments for years now. Recently, he announced that he would be leaving the network and moving to Fox Sports 1 to continue his show Undisputed with co-host Shannon Sharpe. While many fans are upset about this move. There are still plenty of people that watch him every day because they want to see what hot topics he will discuss next or who he will argue with next.

Skip Bayless

Meet Skip Bayless, ESPN’s controversial sports personality. In 2011, he earned $3 million as a sports columnist at ESPN while another sportscaster (Mike Tirico) made $2.5 million as a host of Monday Night Football. Apparently you can make money in sports these days. But how did Skip get to where he is today? It may surprise you to learn that he is a self-proclaimed former C student who doesn’t know how to balance his checkbook or open his own bank account. Let’s take a look at what it takes to be successful like Skip.

Notable Quotes from Skip Bayless

As soon as I wrote about Skip Bayless on my personal Facebook page . I started getting a flood of questions from readers who, like me, are wondering who is Skip Bayless. Here are some notable quotes that might help you get to know him better. (or at least feel less inclined to follow his advice): Skip doesn’t criticize other people’s opinions. What he does is try to redefine them by calling them stupid or making fun of them. As if it makes what he has to say any more valid than theirs. When in fact it just discredits himself and makes him look like an ass-hat.

Career History

In recent years, Skip Bayless has built a massive presence in television. It was his passion for sport that got him there. Bayless spent his early professional life working as a sportswriter for several papers. Before getting hired by Dallas Morning News in 1977. It wasn’t long before he found himself on TV – first appearing on ESPN’s SportsCenter in 1986. In 1998, he got another gig at ESPN – writing a column called The Insiders. These days he runs FS1’s show Skip and Shannon:. Undisputed, which is one of Fox Sports’ most popular programs with over 150 million viewers per month.

Controversies Over the Years

Over his 25-year career, Skip Bayless has been involved in a number of major sports media controversies. While working for ESPN in 2003, he famously reported on a rumor that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was sexually assaulting women. While many of his contemporaries condemned him for reporting such rumors without facts. Bayless claimed it was an important part of journalism to report such rumors so they could be disproven. However, after failing to back up his claims with facts. He did admit that it wasn’t okay to report something with nothing more than a rumor behind it.

Personal Life

Skip was born Stephen Arthur Bayless in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a youth, he played football at Casady School. A private school in Oklahoma City where his father was dean of students. When he was 14 years old. He became a fan of KJRH-TV’s (now Tulsa CW affiliate KQCW) sports anchor Dale Hansen after seeing him ask hard questions on a newscast. By 15, Skip decided to go into broadcasting and graduated from Casady School in 1973.

Connection To LeBron James

Before LeBron James became one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on a court. He was just a young man trying to make it. And just like any other kid who grew up around Ohio, Skip Bayless was there. From his humble beginnings in Shawnee. Oklahoma to making it in Cleveland as a sportscaster for WEWS-TV Channel 5, Skip has always stayed close to home. In fact, he’s such a fan of LeBron that many fans speculate that he will become King James’ personal announcer when LeBron makes his return to Cleveland later this year!. If you don’t recognize his name yet. You will definitely recognize him because unlike most sportscasters out there today—Skip loves drama! He loves controversy.

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