Short and long term number rent from Onlinesim

Phone numbers are constantly used for account activation, identification, registration in certain services, etc. They allow you to confirm the identity of a person. Today it is almost impossible to register an account in social networks, Internet banking, services without SMS activation. However, many people do not want to provide real data and a personal phone number. 

If you don’t want to use your real number, renting a room is a great way out. This makes it possible not to indicate your real data, to remain anonymous and to avoid annoying mailings, etc.

Rent a number for SMS activation

The sms service online allows you to get another phone number that you can use to connect to IP browsers, business applications, Internet channels and other resources. You can register anywhere without problems and restrictions. In addition, virtual numbers are protected from virus attacks. Such numbers work on a cloud platform that is installed on the provider’s services. Therefore, the number will work regardless of the type of network connection. Using a virtual number has many advantages: 

  • SMSes come instantly; 
  • you get an individual number; 
  • you will have access to a large database of operators from different countries; 
  • you can choose from many different services for SMS activation; 
  • the ability to set up call forwarding to your number; 
  • the ability to receive and send SMS; 
  • API interface for your software, etc.

Renting a number free SMS activation is in demand among companies and various organizations that use phones for mailing lists, etc. This service allows them to save large amounts of money on telephone bills.

Onlinesim is a service that values ​​privacy. Order 10-minute access to a temporary phone number, and do what you need without any restrictions. Long-term lease of a phone number provides many more opportunities and benefits for the users.

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