Self Study Tips To Prepare for Class 10 English Exam

Preparing for the board exam can be stressful, especially when students don’t know how to study for a particular subject. For mainstream subjects such as Science and Maths, students pay full attention and devote time for it. But for Language subjects, especially English, students do not study much and as a result of which they score low marks in English. So, to help them prepare well for the Class 10 board exam, here are some self-study tips to students. By following them, students can easily score high marks in the English paper. 

4 Preparation Tips for Class 10 English Exam 

Here are a few tips which will help students to ace the class 10 English exam. 

1) Study as per the Syllabus

It’s crucial that students study as per the syllabus. Just randomly studying will not fulfil any purpose. If students want to increase their English subject scores, they have to study as per the syllabus. They should cover the entire topics mentioned in the syllabus at least 3 months before the exam so that they get enough time for revision. Knowing the syllabus will also help students track their studies so that they can easily analyse which topic they have covered and which they need to study. 

2) Create a Time Table

After knowing the syllabus, students must create their own study plan. By doing so, they get to know the time that needs to be devoted to a chapter. Suppose for studying chapter 4 A Question of Trust Summary of Class 10 English Supplementary Reader; a student needs three days. So, he can allocate time according to him. If other students need less time, they can allocate less time. Thus, students can create a study time table for English subjects according to their convenience. By following the time table, students will study in an organized manner. They should study English daily and should not skip even a single day. 

3) Answer the Exercise Questions By Yourself

There are two English books for Class 10 students. One is First Flight which is the main coursebook, and other is Supplementary Reader – Footprints Without Feet. Students should study both books. The questions in the exam are mostly asked from the First Flight book. So, students are advised to study it thoroughly. They should first try to understand the story or poem and then write its summary. Suppose chapter 9 of the First Flight book is touted in the class. Then students should go through the chapter by themselves. For studying the poetry section, students should write the summary of the poem. By creating The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary by ownself, students will understand its context better. After that, they should try to answer the exercise questions in their own words. By doing so, they do not have to memorize the answers. They can write the answers in the exam by themselves. 

4) Solve the Past Years’ Papers

To get a deeper understanding of how questions are framed in the exam, students must solve the past year papers. They should practice questions from the last ten years’ papers. In this way, they get well versed with the exam pattern, marking scheme, weightage of questions asked in the exam etc. Also, they get an idea of important topics from where questions are expected to be asked in the exam. 

Happy Learning! We wish all the best for the English exam.

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