Rental truck or moving containers? Best way to relocate

While relocating to a new place, there is always a dilemma, whether to hire a rental truck or to go with the moving container.  To give you a straight forward answer portable moving container is undoubtedly a wise decision, especially if you are moving interstate or cross-borders. Figuring out the actual cost of hiring a rental truck is a difficult job, whereas the costing of a moving container does not include any hidden or additional charges. Also, hiring a rental truck comes with hassles like who will drive or who will load or unload the items which certainly is not the case with portable moving containers.  If you are wondering whether n not you should work on your next uship quote research, here is some information you must read first.

Here are some of the common mistakes that proves that how hiring a rental truck can prove to be a wrong decision:

Who is going to drive the truck:

At times to save the cost we end up hiring a rental truck without a driver, and then the quest begins of who will drive throughout the journey. It may seem exciting to drive a heavy vehicle, but it is not that easy as it seems to be, it can be troublesome and can be tiring, especially if you have no one else to take turns with you. In case you plan to hire a driver, it will cost you a few extra dollars that you were trying to save. 

Who will load and unload:

If you have tools and people to help you with loading and unloading then it is great, but if not then be prepared for upcoming hassle. Also, people from moving company are professionals and know how to do their job, we usually end up getting hurt or injured while lifting heavy items thus it is recommended to hire portable moving containers along with the manpower.  

An additional cost of hiring a rental truck:

If you think that all you have to pay for is the cost of hiring a rental truck then you are highly mistaken as there are a lot of additional charges that you may have to bear on your way to your location. These charges may include filling the gas tank, paying for permissions while passing through multiple states and in case you fail to return the truck on the time you may have to pay an extra amount on an hourly basis. However, such is not the case with portable moving containers as you need not take any hassle and everything is taken care of by the company itself.              

While hiring a moving container you may save yourself from a lot of hassle, you need not drive all the way, you need not worry but fueling and refueling everything is included in the cost the company has quoted in the beginning.

While moving and relocating, there is already a lot on the plate to worry about, there is no point of taking one more stress of handling everything at your own by hiring a truck. Pay for a portable moving container and take a good sleep before and after moving to your new location. 

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