Post Covid-19: What will our Offices look like?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the closure of many companies worldwide since it rapidly spreads through social interaction. Most employees have now adapted to the new norm of working from home with the hope that in the nearing future, they shall return to their offices, which is their official workplace, but only when the pandemic is managed. 

Many employees lack a perfect working environment in their homes. On the other hand, some employees miss the collaboration chances the office generates. 

Employers need to provide them with a practical, healthy, and safe office or workplace for employees to resume working from the office. Therefore, what will our office look like? 

This article will take you through designing of the Post-Covid-19 workplace.

Designing the Post-COVID Workplace

Implement Physical Distancing

The ministry of health in the entire world encourages employers to enhance physical distancing in the offices of approximately six feet. When you provide your employees a workstation with the correct social distance, they are likely to feel much safer, focusing on their work to promote productivity and worry less about coronavirus. 

As much as desks are not used so much in the current technology, it is recommended that those who own them in the office should ensure they distance them well to ensure proper physical distancing. 

After covid-19, multiple offices will reopen, and they have to ensure that they implement appropriate physical distancing.

Reduce the floor area

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone is planning to return to work, you need to reduce your floor area. If possible, you can even opt to redesign your entire workplace for the post-Covid-19 world. 

Reducing the floor area will enhance interaction that cannot wait to happen remotely. When you implement this correctly, you would have managed to control coronavirus’s spread and promote productivity in your company.

Inspect and maintain local exhaust ventilation

Inspecting and maintaining local exhaust ventilation plays a crucial role in reducing the spread of Covid-19. Additionally, it is also part of office maintenance; you also need to have an open floor plan design so that chairs are spread appropriately to avoid the room from being stuffy and allow sufficient ventilation. 

In case you have areas that were out of use, you can confidently encourage your employees to use them; this will enable them to accommodate each other in the office. Therefore, always ensure that your office’s ventilation is adequate through examining and maintaining the local exhaust ventilation.

Improve Workplace Hygiene

To reduce the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that your employees are safe from contracting coronavirus, you need to improve your workplace hygiene. 

If you want to obtain maximum hygiene at your workplace, you must be willing to invest in cleaning products, such as detergents, sanitizers, & sanitizing wipes. Ensure that you provide your customers, employees, and visitors a station where they can wash their hands regularly. Coronavirus needs you to maintain maximum hygiene at your workplace and avoid shaking hands. Instead, you can encourage your employees to wave to each other or implement a greeting version at your workplace.

Reconstruct how you work

During the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies preferred working from home remotely, especially during the lockdown. 

This has seemed to work well for multiple companies, while others have not succeeded due to insufficient tools to execute their work from home. Thus, as employees plan to return to work, it is appropriate that employers find out the essential processes for each of their businesses, function, and geography. 

This will ensure that their work is done and accomplished on time remotely. Instead of having an in-person meeting, you can encourage videoconferencing. Those employees whose health is at risk must continue working from home while you initiate groups to enhance working in shifts and avoid accommodating all your employees at the workplace.

Smart technology

Statistic conducted by Box indicates that digital collaboration has greatly enhanced by 142% during the pandemic. Most employees are now working remotely, using cloud storage, messages, chatting, and video conferencing tools, which has high increased as time goes by and delivers work performance effectively. 

As offices plan to reopen, smart technology will still play a crucial role because not all workers are fit to return to work before this pandemic submerges completely. 

Smart software will always be vital business equipment. On the other hand, smart technology has enhanced video conferencing within the workplace to avoid in-person meetings, reducing coronavirus spread.

Build a post-COVID-19 company culture

In case you long for a high level of productivity, you need to have company and solid cultural values. 

Authentic and strong. 

Bear in mind that Cohesion in companies usually enhances productivity since it gives employees a drive. For future maximum performance culture, both the employer and employees need to have sufficient trust. 

This also applies to both those who manage to work from home and those working from the office. Employees also need to trust their leadership team to oversee cleanliness, maintenance, and their entire workstation.

Educate Employees

When employees return to work, employers must ensure that they get sufficient education on Covid-19, especially on their expectations. This will ensure that you maintain orderliness in your office. 

The best way to achieve this is through the use of floor stickers, decals, and emblems in your office spaces. To help you maintain physical and social distance, you need to stick stickers to signal them where to stand or sit while conversing or working within the office. 

You also need to communicate and be transparent with your employees and visitors to evaluate your work routine. It is a must that you educate your employees on everything concerning Covid-19, especially the preventive measures.


With the information above, you now have a clue of how to design the post-COVID workplace. 

It counts on you to implement the ways mentioned above to enable your workers to return to work without worrying about their health. 

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