Plan The Best Birthday Surprise For Your Loved Ones

Birthdays are essentially special occasions in anyone’s life. While we celebrate someone’s birthday, we cherish their birthdays and every day they have lived till day. These are the days that make someone feel in the spotlight and feel special among their family and friends. All the blessings and wishes you receive on your birthday make you treasure the people around you and genuinely care for you. As a kid, everyone loves birthdays as it is the time of the year everyone sings a happy birthday to you while you distribute treats to your classmates. While we are adults, it is a day you get to be together with your family and friends and spend one day that is centered only on you.

Flower Bouquet As Invitations

While I was in Bangalore, I arranged a surprise birthday party for my best friend, and I remember specifically how excited and overjoyed I was for my best friend’s birthday. I was planning to give the best birthday party that she could ever imagine. I have elaborated on how I achieved that perfect party for her without her getting a hint of it. While I was done with all of this, I used an online flower delivery in Bangalore to send my invitation specifically to her.

Find That Perfect Venue

I started by going through our common WhatsApp groups to look for friends and family that I could invite. I focused on the closest ones as I wanted the party to be pitching perfect without any glitches. I booked a restaurant for that day and asked them to make arrangements for the snacks. The restaurant’s choice was quite easy for me as this was her favorite one and we had been going to this restaurant for the past five years or so. They were the ones who gave me the idea of sending birthday flowers as an invitation simply by looking to send flowers to Bangalore online on the internet.

Cakes Are The Centerpiece Of Any Birthday Celebration

I sent out the invitations to everyone close via text messages or personally inviting those living nearby. After all this I focused on a birthday cake, I wanted it to be a gorgeous Blueberry cake as Blueberry was her favorite flavor. Cakes are the centerpiece of every birthday party; it’s amazing to see how a cake can enlighten the environment with its aroma and beauty. Cakes bring people together and unite them with flavor and taste. So I searched for the best bakeries and ordered a three-layered cake for her special day.

Snacks For The Event

 After the cake was thought of, I moved on to the snacks party. I needed to put both sweet and spicy on the menu, so when the chefs from the restaurant handed over the menu to me to choose from, I picked up four sweet snacks and five spicy ones. I elaborated on the guests’ list to the people from the restaurant so that they could get a proper idea of how much of each dish needed to be prepared. I even asked them to prepare dinner as the party was starting at around 6 pm, and there was a huge chance of guests having dinner before they left.

Decorations And Music Arrangements

The decorations and the music were on me, and I had to make the proper arrangements for that, so I bought loads of balloons, ribbons, and lights to decorate the venue beautifully. I invited some of our mutual friends to help me out in the decorating part. One of my very close friends, who was good at music and mashups, took the responsibility of compiling some of the best tracks for the music CD. Music can genuinely pump up the environment and make the party more happening.

Games For An Amazing Evening

Few games were also planned by my friends and me to make the party more enjoyable. We arranged pool tables, dumb charades, and a few other one minute games that were fun and light at the same time. I was surprised at how well everyone participated and loved all the games.

Overall I would like to wind up by saying that giving surprise birthday parties can strengthen your bond with the other person. Birthdays are a very important part of every person on the planet as it is the day dedicated completely to you and the one day that everyone wishes you with blessings and gifts. Apart from your best day, it is the day that your parents cherish as they were blessed with you. Birthdays are like your anniversary with the universe as it recollects the day you laid your steps in it.

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