The Best Way to Find Your Perfect Pet on Petfinder

Do you want to find your perfect pet? Petfinder makes it easy to browse more than 100,000 adoptable animals from thousands of animal shelters and rescue groups in your area. But while the sheer number of animals on Petfinder can seem overwhelming, it’s important to remember that you can search by breed, size, or age to help you zero in on the right pet for you. Learn more about how to find your perfect pet on Petfinder here!

Do your research

Before you begin your search for a new pet, do some research. Learn about different breeds and personalities. Visit an animal shelter and see if you can meet with some prospective companions. Petfinder offers several great tools for researching pets that are available for adoption at nearby shelters, but it’s important to learn about animals in general so that you have a firm understanding of what you want from your furry friend—and so that your expectations aren’t out of whack with reality. The odds are high that adopting a puppy is not going to be exactly like having a child; spending time getting familiar with these differences will help ensure that your adoption is successful and happy.

Check the details

The easiest way to find your perfect pet is by checking out your local shelter’s pets on Petfinder. With a simple search, you can find all sorts of available animals in your area and start setting up play dates right away. There are many websites that have very extensive and detailed information about adoptable pets; however, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in too much information (and end up abandoning an animal because they don’t fit 100% of what you want). That’s why using sites like Petfinder is such a great idea—you can easily see pictures and profiles for each animal without having to dig through loads of additional content.

Choose wisely

Choosing a pet takes some thought. There are hundreds of cats and dogs available for adoption on Petfinder, as well as other types of pets such as bunnies, rats and fish. Before you decide which type of pet you want, consider some important questions: Do you live in an apartment or a house? How much time will your pet spend outside? If you’re looking for a dog, do you want one that loves playing with other animals or one that loves being by itself? Answering these kinds of questions will help ensure that your new pet is happy and healthy once he or she becomes part of your family.

Identify what you want in a pet

Finding your perfect pet starts with identifying what you want in a pet. Are you looking for a cat, dog, fish or small animal? What kind of personality are you looking for? What color, size and breed do you prefer? Do you have any special needs (ex: allergies or lifestyle restrictions)? If so, are there certain breeds that could work better than others? Most rescue groups will ask these questions as part of their adoption process and can give more specific recommendations based on your answers. Once you’ve identified what qualities you’re looking for in a pet, use those specifics to filter your search results when visiting Petfinder or other online adoption sites. Avoid frustration by sticking to specific parameters during your search.

Treat yourself to the right rescue animal

There are so many pets waiting in shelters and rescues for a good home. To find your perfect match, it’s important that you take time to make sure your potential new pet is truly a good fit. Think about what you’re looking for and use sites like Petfinder or Rescued Pets Movement as a starting point, but remember that your own research can be even more helpful than these sites. Be sure to check local listings (and don’t forget Craigslist!). Ask around and see if anyone you know may have animals available—you might just meet someone who owns an animal with great personality traits that matches up perfectly with what you’re looking for!

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