Part Time Jobs in Dubai and UAE

UAE Labour Law 2022 introduces a new system of employment called as Part-Tim Employment in Dubai and all over the UAE. The employees, are granted an opportunity to work part time, as per their need or as per the demand of employers. The last pandemics played a very big role to form such Laws in United Arab Emirates. Now employees can also secure a new part-time job as well under the UAE Labour Law. Basically, the part time agreements are the flexible work agreements between employer and employee, for the sake of both parties. It is a second job for the employees and opportunity for the employers as well, where they will not have to hire a full-time employee and to pay her/him like a full-time employee. 

As per New UAE Labour Law, now the employees can have part-time work contracts, flexible work-contracts etc. UAE Labour Law does not allow this new type of employment only. UAE Labour Law also allows new rules to protect the rights of employees and employers. Law puts a threshold of 144 Hours in 3 Weeks. Check the Labour and Employment Lawyers or Labour Law Law Firms for the practical solutions, if someone wants to be hired or wants to hire.

Flexible Working Hours do allow the employees to work in different working hours. It means there will be no 9 to 5 restriction. This is called the Flexible Working Hour System. The flexible working system can also be implemented on Full Time Employees. The part time employees can benefit a lot because of this flexible working hour system. 

Part-time employee has to obtain the work permit from MOHRE. Apart from Part-Time Employees, MOHRE also introduces a “One-Mission” permit system to hire someone from overseas, if he is required due to having certain expertise. If the part-time worker will not get the permit from MOHRE then he will not be allowed to work for any employer and it will be considered against the law. 

For example, an Event Management Company gets some new projects/project and they need more staff to work in operations or management. Now they can easily hire the new employees or the expert employees on part-time job where the working hours and the wage will be clearly defined. Before, employer had to hire a new employee, for a partial or temporary job. It is not just about paying the VISA cost. Actually, a company also invests its resources on the new employee. Therefore, the new part-time or the flexible work system will allow the both parties to manage the additional work with consensus. 

As we stated above that full time workers do have the right too, to find out a new work as part-time employee. It will also help them to earn more money. It will help the employers to hire someone for a partial and temporary job. If the expertise is only required for the 2 or 4 Hours then, part time employee can be hired for 2 or 4 hours only. It creates the relaxation for both parties especially on financial matters. Obviously, flexibility is only created for creating ease in financial matters. New UAE Labour Law amendments create financial flexibilities for both parties.

Part Time Job and Over Time Job

Part Time job should not be confused with Over Time Job. Part Time job for a full-time worker is for another company. When a full-time worker works, for the same company for more than 9 Hours then this is called as Over Time working with the company. Employers can also make special arrangements with full time employees, if they want them to work more than 9 hours as per UAE Labour Law Contract. 


Contact UAE National Lawyers in Dubai if any employer wants to hire the employees on a part-time job or employee gets an opportunity to work on a part-time job. Labour and Employment Lawyers, or experienced Lawyers can offer the legal advice this regard. MOHRE can also provide the legal solution this regard. As we stated above that before getting in to any kind of business, work permits are required or certain legal documentation is required. If the paper work is not finished as per UAE Labour Law, then hiring will not be considered as per Law and no party can take a legal action later.

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