Palmer Report – Is the Palmer Report a Fake News Site?

The Palmer Report is a liberal fake news site that was founded by Bill Palmer in 2016. Palmer is known for producing hyperpartisan content, making unsubstantiated claims, and promoting conspiracy theories. One of its primary areas of controversy is its publication of conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Russia.

Retractions of false claims

The Palmer Report, which is run by mysterious figure Charles Palmer, has been making claims that are plainly false. They’ve also been accused of exaggerated headlines. So far, they’ve retracted over 240 COVID-19 scientific papers.

However, it’s not the first time Palmer has made false claims. He’s targeted knitting bloggers in the past. Earlier, Palmer was accused of a series of attacks against Hillary Clinton. It’s unclear whether these tweets are still up.

Another issue involves the fact that Palmer’s publications are often cited by mainstream media. In the case of the Palmer Report, this meant that people began questioning the legitimacy of the site.

But Palmer has defended his commitment to accuracy. One of his articles on the Palmer Report was an article about Pantsuit Nation, a group that promoted the wearing of pantsuits on Election Day. At the time, Palmer said that the group was comprised of thousands of fake members.

Palmer has defended himself, citing high-profile figures who shared his articles. Some of the prominent names are Louise Mensch, a former member of the British Parliament, and Claude Taylor, a former Clinton White House official.

References to ‘Media Bias Fact Check’

Media Bias Fact Check is a great resource for the media-curious. As its name suggests, it monitors the major players in the media landscape to make sure they are reporting the facts, not just rehashing them. If it sees something wrong, it will correct it quickly.

The site also has some very useful features. For instance, you can easily search for news sources by name, web address, or category. Plus, they have a number of helpful reference materials to assist you in your quest for the truth.

MBFC also provides a number of original articles on various topics related to media bias. This site was created by Dave Van Zandt, who spent a good deal of time examining how the media shaped the American way of life. He currently works in the health care industry, and he’s been researching media bias for nearly 20 years. In addition, he is a member of the International Fact Checking Network, a group of media professionals dedicated to assessing and advancing the science of fact checking.

Skepticism of the report’s credibility

When it comes to the credibility of the Palmer Report, skepticism is in short supply. The site has been the source of much debate since it launched in late February. In particular, it has been accused of using a dubious method of fundraising.

One of the most high profile cases involves the use of a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Palmer’s latest publication. At its peak, the group claimed to have amassed a few million dollars to impeach Trump. However, it has since been hacked and withdrawn from PayPal and GoFundMe accounts.

There have been other scandals involving Palmer. For example, in the early days of his blogging career, Palmer didn’t seem to pay attention to the mainstream media. His Twitter account was rife with tweets critical of Hillary Clinton. He also targeted knitting bloggers.

Another controversy surrounds his Pantsuit Nation Facebook group. The site had over 2.5 million members by the time Palmer shut it down. Palmer called the stunt a “hugely successful deception” and claimed the group had thousands of fake members. As a result, Palmer blocked most of its users.


The Palmer Report is a liberal political blog that is highly slanted towards left-wing politics. It has been criticized for spreading misinformation, and its founder has been accused of making up stories.

It started as a side project for Palmer, who was a political journalist for years. He began to write articles, including one about a tweet. As of the time of this writing, Palmer has written hundreds of articles for the site.

In the early days of Palmer’s blogging, Palmer was known for his relentless work ethic. One of the sites he created was the Daily News Bin, a news site that slanted toward Hillary Clinton. But he vehemently denied that the site was fake.

Now, Palmer has launched a new publication, the Stabley Times. However, the “about” page doesn’t say who the paid writers are.

Palmer has made enemies online, and has had people question his credentials. Some of them even started a Facebook group, called Democrats United, to fight back against Palmer. And Palmer has blocked them.

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