Online Work At Home Without Investment

Working from home with no investment is an ideal situation and a dream for many. The dream can easily be turned into a reality today in 2020, where working remotely has now essentially become very normal. The COVID-19 pandemic taught the whole world that the economy can keep going without brick and mortar business. However, the key is to stay connected digitally.

Today, the job market for remote jobs is huge with people all over the world trying to score the job opportunity for themselves. The competition is vast, however, due to the pandemic, many employers turned toward hiring individuals who can do the job remotely.

In this article, we are outlining online work from home opportunities that require no investment, whatsoever and is a productive way to earn money right from the comfort zone of your own home.

  1. Data Entry:

Data entry is a job that requires extracting particular information from the documents and entering it into excel, worksheets, spreadsheets, etc. This involves all types of documentation for example; legal, academic, business and medical, etc.

Job creation in the data entry sector looks like hiring people for being data entry clerks or keyers. The job tasks mostly include; putting data in a format in a spreadsheet, converting the image to text, converting audio to text .i.e. transcribing job, copy paste job, captioning,  medical coder, medical transcriptionist, data formatting jobs, online surveys, and form filling, etc. There are a lot of job categories in data entry which can be done easily from home.

  1. Blogging: 

If you have good writing skills, blogging is another option for you. A lot of businesses require bloggers for their websites and social media pages. This is a skill that is sold based on your expertise and experience. If you are good at captivating the interest of your readers and have art for writing, blogging is something that will only require you to have a computer and your skill and you can start earning money.

  1. Freelancing:

Freelancing encompasses all kinds of jobs that you take on from the comfort of your home. Freelancing covers several niches like data entry jobs, blogging, content writing, copywriting, digital marketing, designing logos, Virtual assistant, etc.

The freelancing industry is filled with exceptionally talented and skilled people who can take advantage of their talent and start earning money from it. Freelancing projects vary and are taken on customized to the need of clients and the offer of a freelancer.

The competition however is huge in the freelancing industry, with people from all over the world.

  1. Digital Marketing:

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, a lot of businesses went digital and therefore a lot of jobs were created for digital marketers. Digital marketing is a vast term, which involves taking care of content creation, social media pages, marketing campaigns, advertisements, etc.

Digital marketing in itself can create an online job for specific tasks or if you are talented enough, you can handle it all.

  1. Youtube:

You can also make money from youtube. How? Start a youtube channel and start uploading videos. We see people around us who have started travel vlogs, reviews videos, makeup tutorials videos, etc. If you get enough people to like your video and subscribe to your channel it starts cashing out.

  1. Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is a well-paid job and very much in demand in the year 2020 where almost everything has gone digital. Graphic design includes making logos, brochures, layouts, etc.

  1. Website:

A lot of courses and certifications are given to teach the youth about this skillset which is another very integral part of the digital world for businesses. Website developments require working your way around HTML, CSS, and PHP. WordPress is another platform that is used to build websites. If you know how to build a website, you already have the potential for earning money by selling this skillset.

  1. Content and Copywriting:

If you are skilled in writing and have a good command of a language, content and copywriting is another thing that you can sell sitting at home. There are also several niches in writing; academic writing, blogging, copywriting, etc.

  1. Accounting Services:

Doing accounts for your business, paying taxes is a skill set that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore accounting professionals are also sought after for their skill sets and can work from home.

Accounting services include doing task likes budgeting, financial forecasting, inventory costing, financial statements, etc.


Today, there are many opportunities created in this digital world that give you the ability to work from home. This is good news for jobless people, students, housewives, etc who can be productive and earn money from the home without having to invest a lot of money.

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