Old Songs, New Life: How to Free Download Them

You may have heard the phrase, If you love something, let it go; if it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. In terms of old songs that you want to listen to over and over again, this means downloading them before they’re gone forever! A lot of times, old songs are removed from download sites because the artist wants to focus on newer material or because the record label sold the rights to another company. Either way, you want to make sure that you get these classic hits before they disappear forever!

Why Are My Older CDs Unplayable?

CD players are not just relics of a bygone era; they have also become obsolete. With our increased dependence on digital music and online downloads, CDs have practically become redundant. This means that any old CDs you might still have lying around won’t be able to be played without first making them compatible with your device. Luckily for you, there is a way to make those old songs playable again! All you need is an adaptor that will allow your devices to read your old discs. You can pick one up on Amazon or eBay at an affordable price. Here’s how it works!…

What Is Wrong With My CD Player?

Instead of downloading music from sites with dubious content—or using a risky service like BitTorrent—you can burn your favorite songs onto a CD. Whether you’re listening on an old-school boombox or your car stereo, it’s hard to go wrong with your favorite hits from yesteryear. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with anti-piracy laws and you can experience those great moments in music history all over again. Burning old music is both enjoyable and safe; so much so that some people use it as their primary source for music downloads. After all, it’s free and easy!

Burn Music Onto a CD

If you’re using your computer’s CD drive, burn music onto a CD and play it in your car’s CD player. If you don’t have a CD burner, try connecting your computer to your stereo system. Using an auxiliary cord (and perhaps some audio editing), you can play music files on your computer on an external speaker or connected television. Many car stereos also come with auxiliary inputs these days as well. When buying CDs in bulk at big-box retailers like Wal-Mart or Target be sure to look for special offers on blank CDs that may cost less than $1 per disc (versus about $10 for recordable ones). This is especially useful if you’re looking for hard-to-find older albums or artists.

Put the MP3s on Your iPod/Smartphone

Sometimes when we buy a new mobile phone, if it is of IOS system, we can’t directly transfer purchased Mp3 files from computer. What’s more we need an iTunes software to do so. If we use an Android phone , there is no restriction for downloading and playing music . But what if you want to transfer purchased Mp3 songs to an iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/SE ? Here I will show you a simple way of doing so . It works for most kinds of Android phones like Samsung , HTC , etc. The only thing you need is a USB data cable and enough storage space on your mobile phone.

Re-download Music From iTunes

Apple keeps a tight grip on music purchased from its iTunes Store. Any song you buy from there is locked down by DRM (digital rights management) that makes it inaccessible outside of Apple’s proprietary software and hardware ecosystem. There are ways around that, though, with two being of particular interest if you want to put songs you bought through iTunes onto your iPhone 7 Plus or 6S Plus without buying them again. Here’s how those work.

Transfer Purchased Mp3 to IPhone 7 Plus/6S Plus

To put songs from your iTunes library on your iPhone 7 Plus/6S Plus, connect your device to a computer using its USB cable. Open iTunes and click File, then select Add File to Library. Select all of your music files and drag them into a new playlist in iTunes. Click File again and then Library and select Sync Music. Change how you sync music on your iPhone 7 Plus/6S Plus by clicking on Settings > Music > Sync Music (uncheck automatic syncing). Uncheck what kind of files you want synced. Check or uncheck specific playlists that you want synced. Select Automatically fill free space with songs. Use Drop-Box if you want easy access when it comes time for backing up information.

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