NetSuite implementation: Grow Profits, Customer Retention, and Efficiency

New business models revolve around meeting customer needs first. This approach has driven the implementation of a CRM as a necessary tool for any undertaking. To understand how this solution influences the success of your company, we tell you about its functionality.

Immediate effects of implementing a CRM

The purpose of implementing a cloud-based CRM + ERP such as Oracle NetSuite implementation begins with building the relationship with the customer. This process is oriented to facilitate the retention and loyalty of consumers. Since these aspects directly affect the profitability of your business, this strategy serves to increase your profits.

These programs are designed to interact more conveniently, quickly and easily with customers. With this tool you get a deeper knowledge to respond to their needs and improve your relationship with them. This information will be part of a centralized database with constant updates and available to anyone who needs it.

Learning. You will know objectively who your customers are, their trends when they buy and why they prefer your products or services. This competitive advantage allows them to anticipate what they are looking for and to segment offers and promotions with greater precision.

Optimization. The implementation of a CRM substantially improves customer relationships and simplifies the most complex interaction processes. This helps you increase the satisfaction of your audience.

Efficiency. Automated organization of data, sales, marketing campaigns, metrics, and more allows you to better align these processes. So your business has reliable, structured and easy to understand information.

Problems That Oracle NetSuite Solves

The correct implementation of a CRM serves to control the following common problems:

Lack of follow-up, Keeping track of business opportunities or leads can be tricky. With this software you have full control, exact descriptions and detailed analysis of these interactions.   Scattered data. The multiple tools such as Excel, agendas, cell phones or emails, used by salespeople, create a decentralization problem. This lack of organization slows your attention and can lead to greater difficulties the larger the company. The implementation of a 100% integrated CRM + ERP such as Oracle NetSuite can mean a big change in the management of your customers, partners and suppliers. You will have an advantage over the competition. If you still do not have this valuable tool, we are here to listen to your concerns.

Suiteapp Starter Edition is a comprehensive solution designed to help small and rapidly growing businesses manage all aspects of their business in a single system. SuiteSuccess is designed to respond to specific industry challenges that have historically limited companies’ ability to grow, scale, and adapt to change. Most ERP system vendors have tried to solve the industry solution problem with templates, rapid implementation methodologies, and custom code. NetSuite has taken a holistic approach to solving this problem, incorporating expertise, best practices, KPIs and an agile adoption approach into its products. The benefits of this are less time to value, as well as greater efficiency, flexibility, and customer success.

A complete suite to provide support to modern businesses, including ERP, CRM, PSA, Omni channel commerce, HR, and business intelligence (BI), all based on the NetSuite cloud platform and continually updated with advanced technology and capabilities to support all sectors. Best practices for each industry and role, including workflows, KPIs, reports, dashboards and metrics, with the customization flexibility of the SuiteCloud platform, from initial sales contact to ongoing support. With these best practices, value is added at every stage of the interaction.

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