NBA history

The NBA is the largest basketball league in the world, the acronym stands for National Basketball Association. There may be people who don’t like basketball, but, surely, everyone has heard about the NBA and its famous games that unite the biggest teams in the world, for example, the Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Nets, among others.

The grandiosity of the NBA is really something that is known all over the world, but many people forget how most players start before becoming world idols for children and adults. Many basketball players had a poor childhood, so they used to play basketball on neighborhood courts that are known for having a fence screen to prevent the ball from falling on the street and greater accidents with children and cars.

In this article, we are going to discuss more about the history of the NBA and the athletes who became famous in the sport and would revolutionize the way of playing basketball, thus creating an industry as big and strong as other sports such as football, which is one of the most popular sports among some countries in Europe and throughout Latin America. 

From the start

The NBA is a union between two American basketball associations. The beginning is due to the Basketball Association of America (BAA), created in 1946, which joined the National Basketball League, created in 1949. The combination of the two most famous associations in the United States resulted in the largest representative basketball league in the world. 

How the NBA works

The NBA, as an independent league, creates its own rules from franchisee votes. The NBA is not obliged to follow the rules of the world basketball federation, because, reaffirming, the NBA is independent; this demonstrates its strength within basketball and how important it is to be an association at the level of not having to conform to other rules. This explains why the NBA has its own championship ending: it is because the rules that apply to NBA championships do not apply to other games.

Top basketball teams

At the beginning of the article, we gave some names of basketball teams. Now, we will explain their origin and importance. The Lakers are one of the biggest teams in the USA and were formed in the state of Los Angeles. Chicago Bulls are named after their hometown of Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois. By last, The Nets were born in the Brooklyn borough of New York state. All always rank among the most famous NBA finals.

Top basketball players

Among the greatest basketball players, Michael Jordan is certainly the most famous of them. Because of perfect plays and unpredictable passes, Michael was responsible for creating a unique model of shoes for basketball players, as well as having a millionaire, lifetime contract with Nike that created a collection of shoes inspired by the player. He played for the Chicago Bulls, but there are other teams with famous players, for example, the Lakers, who had LeBron James and Magic Johnson among their players.

In this article, we covered the history of the NBA, how it was formed and what it is today. We also cover the history of the most famous basketball teams in the United States and their players. If you’re interested in basketball, you can follow the NBA league. Just remember to be aware of the seasons, because basketball is played for seasons with elimination teams, that’s how it’s done until you get to the grand final.

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