Museum Guide for Dubai

There is a big more to Dubai than its swanky architectural gems, amazing man-made islands, remarkable leisure choices with holiday packages in Dubai. If you are looking for a dose of culture and art during your Dubai holidays, this Arabian metropolis is studded with lots of museums, from the museums that showcase the areas rich heritage and cultural treasures to the museums specializing in quirky exhibits and super stylish. We have also included a list of museums so book your cheap flights to Dubai.

Here are some of the best Dubai tips and tricks and the best things to do in Dubai:

Etihad Museum

This may be one of the newest Dubai museums, but it is placed at the site where the UAE was formed or unified in 1971. So come here prepared to explore a remarkable collection of objects which shed light on Dubai economic situations before and after the unification of the country. There are 8 pavilions that collectively show a big range of old photographs, very old weapons and other art and relics from the past rulers personal collections. What is more remarkable about this big, 25,000 square meter facility is its amazing architecture which resembles the design of the constitution.

Dubai Museum

A tour to the Dubai Museum is better than referring to any site, a tour guide and a history book. It narrates you the dream tale of Dubai’s transformation from a silent fishing village to a sought after international city via a wide spectrum of enlightening shows. This encompasses life-size  dioramas plus a big range of artifacts and arts dating back to 300 BC. And the most amazing thing is that it is placed within the city oldest fort in the eighteen century Al Fahidi Fort.

Museum of the Future

This amazing, new kid in the block is remarkable in many ways. Museum of the Future is a full contrast to the majority of the mentioned in this list. After all, it is a museum which will transport to you to the future, thus providing you the chance to explore the most big grade inventions and innovations which place emphasis on Al. another amazing element is its remarkable architectural design which takes after a big oval silver ring complemented by an open center. Add to this amazing Arabic calligraphy depicting the exciting poems by Dubai ruler, HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Museum of Illusions

True to its name, this museum will travel you via the big world of illusions, thanks to its more than eighty mind-bending and interactive shows. This range from the photo and optical illusions to amazing rooms including Antigravity room and Ames Room to installations such as the Head on the Platter and Mirage.

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