Steak Heaven: A Review of Miller And Carter Steakhouse

Miller and Carter the famous UK steakhouse chain, has finally opened its doors in the US. This chain has already been one of London’s best and most popular steak restaurants. So it’s no surprise that Miller and Carter Steakhouse made an impressive splash when it opened in New York City earlier this year. If you’re looking for some mouthwatering sirloin steaks or grilled seafood. But want to avoid the grumpy staff and long wait times of other steakhouse chains, you should definitely visit this one! (Next time I’m in NYC). Continue reading below…

Why do we visit restaurants?

What would be my reason for visiting Miller and Carter? For me it’s not just about going out to eat, it’s about discovering a new restaurant. I am a firm believer that there is no better way to get an insight into another culture than through food. So when I went along to Miller and Carter in Leeds it was certainly interesting as we went around an afternoon discovering some truly mouth-watering dishes. The setting wasn’t bad either; you could certainly say that all bases were covered at M&C, from ornate lampshades hanging low over each table and plush chairs on our side to some antique statues or landscape prints on theirs – in fact, if you weren’t hungry before you arrived here, you definitely will be now!

The Atmosphere at Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter might seem like a strange name for a steakhouse, but it’s actually incredibly fitting. The And in Miller and Carter is all about describing what you can expect from dining at one of their steak restaurants. When it comes to atmosphere, after walking through their front doors you’ll feel like you’ve been invited to a private party with your closest friends. While dining at Miller and Carter, every table feels very private thanks to those curtains draped over window-side walls—giving everyone there a feeling that they are special and deserve privacy while enjoying their meal.

What did we order?

The ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce and cheese-filled popovers. I also had a Yorkshire pudding, which was to die for. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it was worth every penny. We split a bottle of red wine to compliment our meal as well! It was sof good! The service was excellent and it felt like we were eating in some fancy place that you’d find in London or something. I would definitely recommend going here if you want to eat a high quality steak cooked perfectly (and cooked by someone who knows what they’re doing). After all, isn’t that really all we really want?

How was the food? Section I (Beef)

The beef was exquisite. I ordered the ribeye, medium rare, and it was cooked to perfection. The staff were very welcoming and ensured we had a table prepared promptly upon arrival, along with a drink in hand; an impressive feat considering how busy they were! I have been to many steak houses around London but must say that Miller and Carter is one of my favourites – they really know how to cook a good steak! Section II (Salads): The salad bar is absolutely divine; everything on it tastes fantastic.

How was the food? Section II (Pork)

While we were visiting, we decided to order a selection of dishes from each section in order to experience everything on offer. I was instantly impressed with my pork belly starter (and not just because I love pork). It was served with crackling and was accompanied by a warm apple sauce which made for an indulgent and highly flavoursome combination. My partner’s wagyu beef carpaccio is also worth a mention – it had all of those classic notes you’d expect but with such great quality meat it really came together well. Section III (Meat): For main course, my sister chose ribeye steak while I opted for fillet steak.

How was the food? Section III (Seafood)

It was so great to be able to sample a decent amount of what they had on offer. Usually when you’re out at a steak restaurant, there isn’t much else to choose from. But Miller and Carter do a great job here with seafood as well. I loved how fresh it all tasted; that really is one of my favorites things about seafood. Something about it just feels healthier and better for you than meat does (or maybe I just like saying I eat lots of fish! ) The Prawn Cocktail was my favorite by far – something about prawns themselves make me feel better about eating them, if that makes sense? Most people hate or don’t like seafood, but not me; it tastes clean and healthy – unlike many other foods.

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