List of Outdoor Sports that will keep your Kids Engaged

Why be bored when you can have fun with your kids? Those living without kids can also enjoy some nature time outside. Being holed up inside the house may be good sometimes, but we’re not vampires, are we? A little sunlight is appreciated to keep the mood lighter.

But sometimes, you’re unsure what to do when you go outside. Socialize? What’s that? It’s better to avoid socializing when there are bound to be arguments. But you can still go out and have fun because we’re about to tell you about some engaging outdoor sports and activities.

  • Hide and Seek

A classic tale of hiding and finding, this will entice any child or adult. Suspense is filled in our bones and as like-minded species, finding things is an interesting activity. Sometimes, it also keeps our mind away from unwelcome thoughts that just keeps knocking on our mind.

Although kids mainly play it, you can also enjoy it with your toddlers. A little secret; you can easily eat your favorite chocolate if you volunteer to hide, wink wink!

  • Flying a Kite

Do you think the day is good enough to just waste it away? Well, flying a kite is always a good option. Kites look very pretty up in the sky and the wind makes it even more charming. This activity will have you running to keep the kite flying and it could be a great activity if you’ve been feeling drowsy.

Kites are a good DIY as well. Making a kite with your kids can be super engaging, as toddlers love creativity. Or if you’re into pre-made kites, those are extremely inexpensive so you don’t have to make your outdoor activity expensive.

  • Soccer

Who doesn’t love running behind a ball and snatching it from people’s grasp? Soccer is a good activity for those kids who make their living room a playground. Running will make your kids tired at the end of the day, making them fall asleep earlier. So, you can enjoy a great snack or a book to reward yourself for putting up with the chaotic energy throughout the day.

You might want to give your kids the know-how of playing soccer beforehand. So, turn on the TV, and a good sports channel, like beIN, will play live soccer. By the way, if you’re blocked from accessing beIN because of geo-restriction, a trusty VPN will bypass the issues so your kids can learn and watch soccer on beIN sports in UK.

  • Roller Skating

Roller skates are shoes that have wheels attached to them. If you’ve never tried it, now is a good time to enjoy the bubbling excitement in your tummy. It is fun for the kids, but it is also exciting for adults as well.

Though if you’re not a fan of roller skating, you can always jog alongside your kids. Strap on some elbow and knee pads for safety and watch them have fun while you exercise without having to constantly watch over them.

  • Bat and a Ball

A bat and a ball are the best options when your kids don’t feel like doing anything. Just give them a ball and a bat to smack, and they’ll be up and hitting the ball like never seen before.

Whether it is cricket, baseball, or just a game involving a bat and a ball, it is always fun to watch and smack the ball that goes roaring up the sky. Though the kids may get hurt, playing under an adult’s supervision is recommended.

  • Bike Riding

Besides taking us to places, biking is a fun little activity that your kids will find exciting. As your kids might be scared at first, they will slowly get the hang of it when you’re there to teach them slowly. Their feet are quick at pushing the pedals, soon, they will be exploring new streets and parks, and you’ll find more time on your hands.

Something is exciting about rolling down the street on a bike. We’re not sure if it is the breezy weather, the big empty road ahead, the excitement to discover new places… or maybe a mix of all, but we assure you, bike riding is one of the best outdoor activities you can do with your kids.


Children will find anything fun as long as you make it fun. Remember, they are always mirroring you. You can do many outdoor activities with your kids; this article just listed a few of our favorites. If we missed any of your preferred outdoor activities, share them in the comment unit below!

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