Admission A Comprehensive Guide to Lehigh Supplemental Essays

Securing a spot at a prestigious institution like Lehigh University requires more than just academic achievements. Your journey towards success begins with crafting compelling Lehigh supplemental essays. These essays provide a unique opportunity to showcase your personality, experiences, and aspirations beyond what is captured in your transcripts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Lehigh supplemental essays, offering valuable insights, tips, and a roadmap to help you stand out in the competitive admission process.

Understanding Lehigh Supplemental Essays:

The Importance of Lehigh Supplemental Essays 

Lehigh University values a holistic approach to admissions, considering not only academic prowess but also the individuality of each applicant. The supplemental essays play a crucial role in this process, enabling the admissions committee to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what motivates you, and how you align with the university’s values.

Crucial Components of Lehigh Supplemental Essays 

Each application cycle, Lehigh University releases a set of prompts designed to elicit thoughtful responses. These prompts are carefully crafted to assess your creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. It’s essential to address each component of the prompt while weaving a narrative that reflects your unique perspective and contributions.

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Tips for Crafting Outstanding Lehigh Supplemental Essays:

Understand the Prompt

Before diving into writing, thoroughly comprehend the prompt. Identify key elements and consider how your experiences align with the university’s values. Be specific and avoid generic responses.

Show, Don’t Tell 

Leverage anecdotes and concrete examples to illustrate your points. Instead of simply stating your qualities, provide evidence through real-life situations or experiences that highlight your attributes.

Research Lehigh’s Values

Tailor your responses to align with Lehigh’s mission and values. Demonstrating a genuine connection to the university’s culture and ethos can significantly enhance your application.


How many supplemental essays does Lehigh require?

Lehigh typically requires applicants to submit one or more supplementals essays. The number and specific prompts may vary from year to year, so it’s crucial to check the current application guidelines.

What is the word limit for Lehigh supplementasl essays?

As of my knowledge cutoff in January 2022, Lehigh University often sets word limits for their supplemental essays. However, these limits may change, so it’s essential to review the most recent application instructions for accurate information.

Can I reuse essays from other college applications for Lehigh? 

While some elements of essays might overlap, it’s recommended to tailor each response to the specific prompts provided by Lehigh. This ensures that your essays directly address the university’s expectations and values.

How can I make my essays stand out?

To stand out, focus on authenticity and originality. Share personal stories, reflect on your growth, and connect your experiences to your future goals. Avoid clichés and prioritize depth over breadth in your responses.


Mastering Lehigh supplemental essays is a key step in securing admission to this esteemed institution. By understanding the prompts, showcasing your unique qualities, and aligning your responses with Lehigh’s values, you can create compelling narratives that set you apart from other applicants. Remember, the admissions committee is looking for more than just academic achievements – they want to understand the person behind the application. So, invest time and effort into your essays, and let your authentic voice shine through. Good luck on your journey to becoming a part of the Lehigh University community!

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