Know the Workouts You Will Try Out in HIIT

If you have made up your mind to undergo High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), then you have done the right thing. A HIIT workout session delivers more than what a traditional cardio workout gives.

It certainly makes sense for you to have an understanding of the types of workouts you will perform after you finally join HIIT classes.

The following are the list of HIIT workouts:

Hand-Release Push-Ups

Position yourself in a standard push-up position, then lift your hands off the ground for a second.

Plyo Push-Ups

While in a push-up position, give a big push off the floor and lift your hands off the ground before landing back to the initial position.

Russian Twists

Sit with your heels touching the floor and twist from side to side.

Single-Leg Burpees

Lower your body to a squat position. And place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet. Then jump your feet back with only one foot touching the floor.

Supermans with Lateral Raises

Lying on your stomach, lift your legs and arms off the floor. And let your arms reach straight in front of you.

Lateral Lunges with Hops

Keep your right leg straight and step your left leg out to your side for a lateral lunge. Then, bring your left leg up to a 90-degree angle and hop on your right leg.


Put your arms straight over your head and lie on your back. Then crunch your legs into your chest as you lift your back off the floor.

Mountain Climbers

Putting your shoulders over your wrists, start in a high plank position. Drive each knee into your chest one at a time as if you are running.

Plank Jacks

Put yourself in a low plank position, and keep your hip and feet wide apart. Then hop your feet out wider than hip-width, and then jump back to the starting position.

The bottom line is that HIIT is a perfect way to keep yourself fit. Refer to the infographic in this post to know more.

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